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fiery_inception and the release of Deathly Hollows:

After the release of Deathly Hollows, fiery_inception will continue to be a game which is compliant with the events through Halfblood Prince and AU after. Muns of characters who die/get married, etc., in the book will not have to alter existing story lines to match Canon.

We will, however, continue to honour canon as much as possible and will eagerly welcome Deathly Hollows as a useful reference and resource for general wizarding-world information.


As indicated by a poll of our players, we will have a four-week no-spoiler rule throughout all game-related communities and character journals. For four weeks, until August 17th, absolutely no Deathly Hollows information can be included in any in-character or out of character thread, post, journal entry or new-character applications.

This is the Application community for fiery_inception, a role playing game based on the world of Harry Potter, created by JK Rowling. All Harry Potter characters belong to JKR--we are just taking them out to play. No copyright infringement is intended. All original characters are the property of their owners.

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"In ashes of despaire, though burnt, shall make thee live." --Sir Philip Sidney, Arcadia


Please do not slap together an application from a conglomeration of old role play games without thoroughly researching THIS game. If it is obvious to us that you have not read the rules, the plot, and at least skimmed through the user-information of the characters your character ought to 'know', your application will be refused. Role play and journal entry samples must be new samples relevant to this game and this setting. Obviously lazy applications will NOT be considered, and will NOT be given a 'second chance' to revise.

The average role-player tends to play in any given game for 4-6 months. This is not the game for the 'average' role-player! If you cannot see yourself sticking with and enjoying the right game for at least one full year or longer, please do not apply for this game.

General Information to Know Before Going any Further:
(Also known as, how not to waste your time, or ours.)

1 - Quality Counts! - We are very picky about the quality of players we allow into this game. Your application is your audition. This cannot be stressed enough. Sloppy work will not be considered, no matter how unique/creative/interesting the grasp of the character.

2 - Canon Matters! - Do not apply if you have not read and are not very familiar with each of the six Harry Potter books written by JKR. Film knowledge is not sufficient for this game, and where book and film contradict one another, book canon takes precedence.

3 - Research The Game - before wasting our time or yours. If you are not motivated enough to at least skim through the synopsis community at fi_synopsis, and decide whether this is a game you would like to be part of, then you are not motivated enough to play in this game.

4 - Be committed - we are here for the 'long term'. The admin team consists of three adult individuals ranging from late 20's to late 30's in age, who have been playing and/or administrating games together for nearly three years. This is NOT a game to join because you have two weeks of vacation coming up and want something to do. We have plot-plans extending well into the future.

Keep in mind that it takes several weeks for a new character to develop plots and sub-plots with other players/characters, but these weeks must be spent by you in making your character as 'visible' as possible by getting out there and joining and/or starting various 'open' threads to build and develop character interactions. A pro-active player who loves to write and play in a broad variety of situations will find no difficulty in becoming integrated into this game.

If this sounds like a game which would appeal to you, then by all means, read on!

If you have already read the Game Rules, this portion will be a review--however it definitely bears repeating as you contemplate your character and your application.

Application Rules

1 - This game is geared toward adults, which means age 18 and older. If you are younger than that please do not apply.

2 - Intellectual property--the journals in this game and the posts, plots, and story lines contained within, are the intellectual property of the individual writers and may not be copied or used in any way without the express permission of the author. This includes fanfiction writers who lurk the game for 'ideas'. ASK PERMISSION before 'borrowing' someone else's idea or plot-device!

3 - In your application, please do not mention specifics about relationships or past history with your character and any other character unless you have discussed it with the players involved first. Do not create non-canon interactions between your character and any vacant character positions so as not to 'box in' future players into relationships they might not want to have.

4 - Keep your character to canon with reasonable growth and development in the past five years. No blatant contradicting of what is known in canon without reasonable and detailed explanation. No family is richer/older/more politically powerful than the Malfoys and Blacks. No student in Harry's year got better marks than Hermione in anything but DADA, and no one beat Harry in DADA.

4a - The exception to this is canon 'relationships'. Developing a relationship is often a fun part of growing and developing your character. Relationships come-and-go, just like in real-life. Make them realistic, and the development realistic, and there is very little which is either forbidden or demanded. Our game started two and one-half years after the events of HBP. Bill and Fleur did get married, but as to what happened to Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Remus/Tonks, or any other canon 'pairing', that is totally up to the decision of the Muns and the growth and development of those characters.

The admin team would want input and discussion if a canon-married couple like Molly and Arthur Weasley were to suddenly want a divorce, and this game will not allow a gay Harry Potter character nor a Harry/Draco slash-ship, but pretty much anything else is fair game and totally in the hands of the Muns involved.

5 - Certain abilities and ownership of certain rare objects are restricted to known canon only, unless prior admin approval is given, including, but not limited to:

  • Invisibility cloaks
  • Animagi ability
  • Lycanthropy (we will permit lycanthropes on a very limited basis as the game grows, but this will be decided on a case-by-case basis and will likely not be more than three characters.)
  • Strange or unusual familiars like Phoenixes
  • Any form of 'Divination' or 'Second Sight'
  • Being 'the best' in any given field without strong supporting canon evidence or admin permission
  • Famous or politically powerful close-relatives

Basically, if it is unusual, powerful, or in any way suggests "Mary Sue Alert", it must be cleared with the admins--if in doubt, ask!

6 - 'Accidental' pregnancies are not allowed. This is simply too 'over-done' as a plot-device. For the purpose of this game, it is assumed that every Witch or Wizard knows the various forms of Contraceptive Charms and Potions, and uses them. Characters who deliberately set-out to conceive a child for whatever reason is fine, though the admin-team would appreciate knowing these intentions in-advance.

7 - This is an adult RPG. Please note on your application how your character will be acting in regard to sexual situations and their sexual orientation.

8 - Your Application is your audition to play with us. Poor grammar, poor spelling, and sloppy formatting of your role-play samples will disqualify you no matter how 'good' your grasp of your character is. We are not Nazi's over this, but use of basic things like quotation marks and the LJ-provided spell-checker is expected.

9 - Original Characters are permitted, within very strict guidelines. We are of the opinion that well-played Original Characters can only enhance and broaden a game as we explore areas of the Wizarding world that has not been well fleshed-out in canon. However, Original Characters also have an undeniably strong tendency to become 'Mary Sue' very quickly, which can dampen the enjoyment of the game for everyone.

  • No Original Characters of Harry Potter's age-grouping. There are many, many little-known canon students in the books. Use one of those characters if this is the age group you wish to play.

  • No immediate/close relation of any known canon character. Purebloods are all interrelated, of course, so distant relations cannot be avoided, but no long-lost sister/brother/daughter/son/niece/nephew of known canon characters.

  • No part-humans or humanoids. (This includes Veela, Giant, Centaur, etc.)

  • Physical perfection, intellectual brilliance, and/or unusual talent and fame in a chosen career-field are all strong red-flags. Characters should be normal and possess flaws and weaknesses as well as strengths. For the record, 'too loyal/sweet/determined for his/her own good' does not count as a 'weakness'. Original characters must be well-fleshed out in their application and be in keeping with the spirit and intent of a canon game.

  • No cross-over type characters from any other game, genre, or real-world spiritual belief or practice.

  • No non-canon special ability or magical powers. This includes, but is not limited to, channeling spirits, seeing auras, channeling chakra or chi energy, etc.

  • Mary Sueisms will instantly disqualify your character for consideration. If you do not know what a Mary Sue is, do a Google search and do some reading--it is almost certain your OC will be a 'Mary Sue' if you do not know what one is. Just ask around. It is the rare, truly hones role-player who will not admit how terribly Mary Sue his/her first character was. *wink*

  • The application for an original character will be held to a much higher standard than canon characters. They must be detailed and well written. What happened to your character during the war? How did the war affect him/her? What are his/her hopes and dreams now that the war has ended?

  • Original characters will be on a two-month probationary existence in the game, where the character is expected to be active and interact in the game and will be closely watched for how well he/she blends into a canon environment.

  • Original Characters must fit into the employment categories which will help grow/advance the game and flesh out the Wizarding World as we are trying to develop it for our game. Look over the list of current character careers as well as the suggestions for needed adult characters as you are considering your application. They can be pro-Ministry, pro-Hogwarts, or pro-Pureblood supremacists--or some realistic combination of those as the 'average Joe' tries to live within this tempestuous climate. The permitted fields of work would include, but are not limited to:

    • 1 - Ministry of Magic Workers--Aurors, Magical Law Enforcement, Department for Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, etc--any canon Department or reasonable invented sub-department. NOT the Department of Mysteries, however.

    • 2 - St. Mungo's Workers--Healers, Mediwitches and wizards, potions brewers, orderlies, receptionists, etc.

    • 3 - Shopkeepers--much room for creativity here as you may make up the name of your shop, describe the sort of clientele it serves and describe how successful (or not) it is. Clothing shop, apothecary, pub, inn, restaurant, grocery store, magical-creature pet-shop, many possibilities. Please do not make yourself 'owner' of a canon location, though you are welcome to be an employee of canon locations.

    • 4 - Canon teaching 'vacancies': The Muggle Studies and Arithmancy Professors have never been named, and we do not know the first name/age of Professor Sinistra (female) or Professor Vector (male). In keeping with JKR's tendency to keep the male/female ratio precisely equal, the unknown professors will also be held to one of each gender. There are also new positions created in our game related to Hogwarts, to be found on the Available Characters list.

    • 5 - Legal Aid of all sorts - barristers and their clerks would find a great niche in a world where many characters are fighting Ministry bureaucracy.

    Here, then, is the application. Copy and paste this into a new topic right here in this journal, and the administrative team will review it and respond within five days.

    We look forward to receiving your application!

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