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10 February 2008 @ 01:57 pm
Seeking Ginny Weasley  
Before considering this character or applying for this game, please at least skim the following threads so you are familiar with game history and have a sense of whether this is a game for you.

Starting game plot and key events to the present.

Backstory plot that lays the foundation for in-game events.

Hogwarts reorganisation under Headmistress Minerva McGonagall.

Wizarding government and politics.

About the Ministry Tracking Devices and Registry.

Game calendar of upcoming events.

Fiery Inception and Deathly Hollows.

We are a large game that has been in-play for two years. This naturally means that Muns have come and gone as interest waxes and wanes. We are eager and willing to help new players get settled in, but having an understanding of the starting foundation of the game is particularly helpful for everyone.

We do not want someone to attempt to mimic previous Mun's playing style, but it is often necessary to keep certain plot-points pertaining to the character involved because it has a broad-game effect.

Please note: Blatant plagiarism of a previous application will not be tolerated and will result in instant rejection of the application.

This topic will review the important game-history points for this character.

As might be expected, Ginny Weasley has an extensive game history that affects many other characters. A Mun for Ginny would come in with many open plots, many directions to take, and would never want for anything to do. Ginny has an existing in-game career that she is very committed to, as you will see by the game history. If a new Mun wishes to take her in a different direction, career-wise, please plan to work toward the shift gradually and in a logical manner.

Ginny started her Fiery Inception life as a recruited, on-the-job-training Healer's Helper during the war, helping Poppy tend to the wounded. Ginny's quick intelligence and compassionate nature made her an obvious choice when Poppy was needing help now. Ginny enjoyed the role, even though it was difficult, and when the war ended she entered Healer's training. She has now finished that training and works part-time for St. Mungo's.

During her training period, she was also summoned on a frequent basis to help the werewolves. Severus Snape was incarcerated for the murder of Dumbledore at war's end. Dumbledore' Pensieve testimony, as well as testimony by Minerva McGonagall, Remus Lupin, and reluctantly of Harry Potter, freed Snape from this incarceration.

Lupin was Snape's Order connection during the war. It was through that information that Harry was able to find and destroy the Horcruxes. Snape felt a heavy debt to Lupin, both in getting him out of Azkaban and for being that contact during the war. When Snape found Lupin's pack living in tattered tents on the side of a mountain in the freezing March winter, he brought them to Spinner's End as a form of debt-repayment. With Ginevra's aid, they nursed the werewolves back to health.

Juneau Connors, one of the werewolves, had been savagely attacked by Greyback during the war. He had literally torn out her eyes, leaving only heavy scar-tissue where they had been. Ginny researched various reconstruction and healing spells, which, when combined with Snape's potions research, were able to reconstruct eye sockets and lids for June, as well as diminish the scarring. This enabled June to use prosthetic magical eyes (though not unnaturally magical like Moody's!) so that she can now see again.

Ginny has become very close to Remus' pack of Werewolves, and Snape has become almost paternally fond of her, being the least dunderheaded of her family of siblings. He actually has come to view her as sort of this generation's Lily Evans.

Ginny has opened a very secret werewolf clinc beneath her brother's Hogsmeade WWW shop. She has learned to make the Wolfsbane potion while working along side Severus, and funds the clinic with her wages from her job. As werewolves are notoriously poor, it is not remotely a money-making situation. Snape has taken on a veiwer-making business with Seamus Finnigan (basically a Pensieve-Projection in a picture-frame, think flat-screen T.V.) that has become quite lucrative, and Ginny helps with this to supplement clinic funding.

This was still not wholly adequate, however. Draco Malfoy stumbled upon the clinic and Ginny, in her trusting nature, told him all about it. (Snape was very annoyed with this, of course. Ginny figured that since Snape was so fond of Draco, he must be 'safe'.) Draco chose to help fund the clinic for reasons of his own.

A Ginny applicant would need to be willing and able to continue the work with the werewolf clinic in her Healer's capacity, even if she chose to change her 'civilian' job and no longer be a Healer at St. Mungo's.

Ginny has many in-game friends and all of her brothers except Bill actively cast. Bill and Fleur have been divorced in previous game-history. Ginny has assisted Snape in his research into werewolf scarring and healing processes, including helping to diminish her brother's scars (the degree of success to be decided by an incoming Bill-Mun).

Relationship-wise, Ginny has dated Harry a few times in-game, but both of those Muns are now gone. Whether or not to pursue this would be up to you and our current Harry-Mun. Such a possibility is entirely your choice.

There was a very mutual but very accidental 'kiss' between Ginny and Draco very recently. (The thread of which was not actually completed when our current Ginny-Mun had to leave the game for real-life reasons. Ideally, a new Ginny Mun would be willing to complete the thread.) Whether this accidental occurrence develops into anything more is an open question. Our Draco-Mun is open to the remote possibility of a 'Fire-and-Ice' relationship if it turns out that opinions and viewpoints mesh in a mutually satisfying (and much in-character-conflict) sort of way.

We realise that coming into a game of this age with this much history is intimidating. Please be assured that all our players are very friendly, and we would all love the chance to help a new Ginny-Mun settle into the game and help iron out details of past history. Still, it would be helpful for a potential applicant to know the general tone of the game so you know if this game would be a good fit for your playing-style. Some threads that would be helpful to skim/review in regards to Ginny's most recent game history include:

http://community.livejournal.com/fiery_inception/409308.html - A pro-werewolf Rally organised and driven by Ginny - this is very lengthy and much of it does not relate to Ginny except the point that she was the driver behind it.

http://community.livejournal.com/fiery_inception/409308.html?thread=5386204#t5386204 - the sub-portion of the rally which demonstrates the interaction between Severus, Draco and Ginny, where Draco learns of her 'aid' to the werewolves.

http://community.livejournal.com/fiery_inception/415032.html - Draco's initial attempt to help fund Ginny's work, to which Ginny responded with predictable fire.

http://community.livejournal.com/fiery_inception/502738.html - the unfinished thread where Draco is out after curfew and The Kiss occurred. This encounter also meant that Draco's Registry status was altered from Level 2 to Level 1 and he received a Tracking Device, for which he blames Ginny, of course.

http://community.livejournal.com/fiery_inception/503865.html#cutid1 - Draco goes to Spinner's End and Severus learns of his new tracking device, though not the truth of who he was with. (The bits with Lucius and Severus later in the thread are not relevant to Ginny, a brief skim of the early part of this thread would be sufficient)

http://community.livejournal.com/fiery_inception/504618.html - The Daily Prophet Article in which The Public becomes aware of something unusual having occurred between Draco and Ginny, Rita-Skeeter-style

http://subtle-simmer.livejournal.com/38542.html - Severus is the first to respond in the Journals regarding the article. His opinion of the situation is more than clear.

http://dmalfoy-purbld.livejournal.com/3022.html - Draco's response to the article - the second line is 'Private to Ginny Weasley'.

Her brothers also have something to say:
http://charliesdragons.livejournal.com/2427.html - Charlie
http://redheadedjokers.livejournal.com/20454.html - the Twins
http://community.livejournal.com/fiery_inception/505285.html - Ron

Slightly more rational and damage-control Draco: http://dmalfoy-purbld.livejournal.com/3125.html#cutid1

Harry is not to be left out in his opinion, here: http://prongs-struts.livejournal.com/971.html

And of course, Lucius Malfoy knows how to turn any situation to his advantage as he continues to try and position himself favorably, politically. His editorial is here: http://community.livejournal.com/fiery_inception/507212.html

Ginny is also eagerly awaited by her family in her father's Surprise birthday party, here:

Again, we do realise this is a lot of information to evaluate, but it will help you understand Ginny's value to the game and also determine if this is a game you would enjoy. Please do not apply if you do not have time to do the research, as this would not be a good game for you.

Ginny has a lot of canon and game-specific friends who are actively cast and eager to play with her. Ginny's role requires an active, enthusiastic, dedicated player. You would find yourself entering a game where you had plenty to do and new friends to meet!