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07 January 2008 @ 01:13 pm
Seeking Bill Weasley  

Before considering this character or applying for this game, please at least skim the following threads so you are familiar with game history and have a sense of whether this is a game for you.

Starting game plot and key events to the present.

Backstory plot that lays the foundation for in-game events.

Hogwarts reorganisation under Headmistress Minerva McGonagall.

Wizarding government and politics.

About the Ministry Tracking Devices and Registry.

Game calendar of upcoming events.

Fiery Inception and Deathly Hollows.

We are a large game that has been in-play for two years. This naturally means that Muns have come and gone as interest waxes and wanes. We are eager and willing to help new players get settled in, but having an understanding of the starting foundation of the game is particularly helpful for everyone.

We do not want someone to attempt to mimic previous Mun's playing style, but it is often necessary to keep certain plot-points pertaining to the character involved because it has a broad-game effect.

Please note: Blatant plagiarism of a previous application will not be tolerated and will result in instant rejection of the application.

This topic will review the important game-history points for this character.

Bill Weasley has assisted Snape in some of his Lycanthropy research. Bill does not turn into a werewolf, but has had some degree of personality change related to the cycling of the moon (to be determined by a new Mun, within reason). Snape has used Bill as a relatively willing 'guinea pig' of sorts, trying to modify the Wolfsbane potion to ease some of the unpleasant symptoms of the lycanthropy and the resultant transformation. The theory was that if the potion became ineffective, it would not endanger anyone by having a feral werewolf around, while still being a testing ground to see if the restlessness and emotional mood-swings could be somewhat alleviated.

In exchange for participating in this testing, Snape has worked on trying to treat/minimise the scarring left by Fenrir. This is not presumed to be a 'perfect cure' though there has been 'improvement. The degree of remaining scarring can be negotiable depending on the desires of the new Mun.

Unfortunately, the first attempt of the modified Wolfsbane potion left Bill with more severe mood swings than usual. This, accompanied by the lingering stress of the post-war world, his sense of responsibility that Greyback killed Fleur's little sister, the grief over his missing-presumed-dead brother, Percy (who has since been restored to life/health/game-presence) all combined to create terrible marital discord.

Fleur left for France, and Bill eventually received and signed divorce papers.

A Mun for Bill is welcome to pursue any relationship-direction he/she wishes, though Bill is presumed to be heterosexual or at most bi-sexual with strong heterosexual tendencies.

Several months after the divorce, Bill and Charlie started a curse-breaking business together. Bill has presently gone wandering on his own around Britain, leaving Charlie to live in or sell the house they shared.

Remus Lupin considers Bill Weasley to be his best friend still living. A new Mun for Bill ought to expect to speak with Remus' mun about friendship history. (Snape-in-my-head insists that it be pointed out, here, that the "friendship" between Lupin and Weasley has always been and will always be nothing but completely platonic. *cough*)

The Ministry considers Bill somewhat 'unclassifiable' in its present Registry and Tracking-device nonsense. Bill wears a collar and is confined to the same restrictions as full Werewolves.

As new Mun, you should feel free to make Bill's personality your own, while keeping as much factual history as possible. Feel free to tweak motivations for past historical events. Does Bill want to get his wife 'back'? Is he ready to come home and overcome the ghosts of his past? Canon Bill was a fairly upbeat, optimistic guy. Life has beat him up quite a bit. Can he return to his former cheerful level or is he forever changed by his trials?

An active, creative, enthusiastic Mun for Bill Weasley will step into a game containing all of the rest of his immediate family, the new wife of his closest brother (Charlie has just recently married Katie Bell), and many ready-made friendships and important game-plots. A proactive player would never want for anything to do.