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23 January 2007 @ 10:06 pm
Seeking Death Eaters  
Before you consider applying for this game, please at least skim the following topics so you are familiar with game history and have a sense of whether this is a game for you.

Starting game plot and key events to the present.

Backstory plot that lays the foundation for in-game events.

Hogwarts reorganisation under Headmistress Minerva McGonagall.

Wizarding government and politics.

About the Ministry Tracking Devices and Registry.

Game calendar of upcoming events.

Fiery Inception and Deathly Hollows.

We are a large game that has been in-play for two years. This naturally means that Muns have come and gone as interest waxes and wanes. We are eager and willing to help new players get settled in, but having an understanding of the starting foundation of the game is particularly helpful for everyone.

Fiery Inception is, first and foremost, an epic - style game. This means we are in here for the long-haul. We have been going strong for over a year and have plot-arc plans to continue for the indefinite, long-term future. This is not a game to join for short-term entertainment during a mini-break from normal life busy-ness. Please only apply and join if you have enough 'real life' stability to provide routine input into something you will enjoy as a sincere creative outlet.

We are looking for creative, enthusiastic players who would like to contribute to the 'darker side' of our game-world. Voldemort was killed, the side of 'light' won, and the Death Eaters have been scattered and disorganised.

The vast majority of the DE's and DE supporters are in Azkaban. Most of those few who 'got away' or who are 'suspected but not proven' and the like, are on the Registry. We did this on purpose, because we want the lingering conflict/prejudice/hint of danger that having a select few DE's will cause, without having the game turn into a wangst fest of everyone worried about who will die next and such. The "Good Guys" did WIN the war, after all.

We liken it to the Klu Klux Klan in the United States, or the small pockets of still-practicing Nazis. Few truly rational people would believe these fanatics to be anything less than evil, prejudiced, bigots, yet they do manage to function within the rules and laws of society - often so well that people don't know who they are, and occasionally even to the frightening extreme of actually winning election for public office. Yet they are closely watched, and on those rare occasions they do something big in a fashion which causes property damage or even violence against another person, they are caught and nailed to the wall in a hurry - and their fellows are quick to denounce their activities in order to avoid getting painted with the same brush, themselves.

Having said that, we do WANT Death Eaters, Pureblood Supremacists, and their various ardent supporters to come to the game. Just be aware that their role in this game is more subtle, more of the 'cloak and dagger' variety, than the blood-fest that occurs in games where the war is still on-going, or where the DE's have won. (Though there are periods of blood-and-gore fun, too!)

Now, starting in January of 2001 in 'game time', Lucius Malfoy is attempting to regather the faithful and determine who, in fact, is still among the faithful. He has aspirations toward political power, even still, in the hopes that he might restore the wizarding world to 'rights' (in his opinion) by controlling its government.

His sister-in-law, Bellatrix Lestrange, is willing to go along with this plan, for now, as it coincides with her own. If and when the time comes when their purposes are no longer parallel... well, who knows.

Death Eaters in this game will find many niches and opportunities for play. Remember that canon shows us that Voldemort fostered distrust among his followers as much as he could - just because you have similar goals does not necessarily make all Death Eaters 'allies'. Bellatrix and Lucius both would like 'loyal' supporters - or at least those who made a reasonable show of being so.

We would give preference to Death Eater applicants who are not the least bit ambiguous in their belief systems - we want 'bad guys' who are truly 'bad' - or at least sincere in their belief system.

We know, in canon, it is very possible to live among society and function very well, indeed, while still wishing all the mudbloods entirely exterminated. *wink* Creative reasons why your Death Eater is not on the Ministry Registry would be entertained, and of course purebloods from reasonably 'wealthy' families are preferred, though do not try to be 'older' in lineage or 'richer' than the 'big three' - Blacks, Malfoys, and Lestranges.

Original characters are welcome in this role, if they are a minimum of five years older than the 'Trio', though canon characters will be given preference.