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03 May 2006 @ 02:00 pm
About Lucius Malfoy - Admin announcement  

Lucius Malfoy is a very needed character in this game, but he is also a very difficult character to play well. The admin team has decided it is better for our game health to have him remain vacant for however long is necessary to find a truly good player, rather than allow him to be filled with the 'wrong' person.

The successful applicant will:

--be an experienced gamer with a reasonable amount of time to give to an active game
--be willing to work in close conjunction with the Admin Team to keep plots moving and the game lively with intrigue and suspense without turning the entire game ‘dark’
--be a proactive player who knows how to initiate plots and threads and run Lucius as a ‘driving force’ behind the still-alive but badly-wounded ‘pureblood supremacist’ movement.

There is very little ‘back story’ from the preceding Lucius player, so assimilating into the game and making Lucius utterly your own will not be difficult. The only absolute is that Lucius must be a Pureblood Supremacist.

If this is a character you wish to play, there are some absolutes which you must consider before-hand:

1. Grammar and spelling COUNT. Proof-read your application before applying! Lucius is a highly educated man who uses impeccably 'proper' grammar in his speech. Your application should reflect this.

2. Researching this game, and knowing our plot, COUNTS. The best way for you to do this is to spend some reading through the fi_synopsis community for the game-so-far summary, and following any links of characters with whom Lucius might have extensive history and/or future interaction.

3. Canon, as written by JKR COUNTS. We are now three years beyond the end of HBP, but we do not contradict anything prior to that time, as written in canon. If you do not have a sound, thorough knowledge of the books, do not apply. Where book and film contradict one another, our game stands by BOOK canon.

4. There are a minimum of four character profiles which you should read and be at least somewhat familiar before applying for Lucius. These are:

Narcissa Malfoy: mrsmalfoy6
Draco Malfoy: suicide_blonde_
Bellatrix Lestrange: deatheater_____
Severus Snape: subtle_simmer

Other characters which would be of interest in the Pureblood supremacist movement include:

Montague Morsus: morsus_et_mors
Millient Bulstrode-Morsus: millicentmorsus
Rabastan Lestrange siblingstrange

5. Lucius must be a pure-blood supremacist, completely. How much he actually got his own hands 'dirty' in his years as a Death Eater is somewhat negotiable, but his underlying faith in the 'cause' must be true. He needs to be a strong leader, but suave and savvy as to how to 'manipulate' people with his charisma and his money and political clout. Dangerous, but refined. We are not looking to turn our game 'dark' or create the new rise of the next Dark Lord, but we are looking for the edge of danger, intrigue, and plot twists that having an active and scheming Pureblood Supremacist Movement gives us. We can have this without a Lucius, but Lucius would be the natural 'leader' of this sort of situation.

6. Your application COUNTS. It is the only way we have to judge whether or not you would be a good 'fit' for our game. Detail is good. What are Lucius' motivations? Why did he join the DE's himself, all those years ago? How does he feel about his wife, from their introduction and marriage through now, after the events of the war? How does he feel about his son's behaviour? What are his thoughts on Bellatrix? How about Snape, from Snape's early years trying to toady up to the older/more powerful Lucius through now?

7. Your role-play samples in your first-person journal entry and your third-person roleplay sample COUNT. It is okay, in your samples, to 'power play' other characters a bit, because we understand that you have not had the chance to interact with them to know how they might respond. The important point is that we need to understand your roleplay style and be able to 'hear' your 'voice of Lucius'.

8. This is a long-term game. Yes, we only 'started' in March, but our six-person admin team has been together for many months before that, as we got to know one another, and found our like-mindedness when it comes to what we were looking for in a game. Four of the six of us have been together in roleplay ventures for almost two years. This is NOT a fly-by-night game, and we are not looking for a Lucius player who has a few weeks off from usual-life committments and wants to play and then leave again. We know people have real-lives, and we are not interested in consuming all of your free-time, but we do want a player who feels he/she can be regularly and consistently available for the foreseeable future. Some of our long-term hopes and plot ideas for the "right" Lucius are projected out into this fall/winter. This is not a character to take out of summer-time-boredom and drop when classes resume in the fall.

This also means you have plenty of time to research the game and write your application--do not do a 'rush-job' for this position!

QUALITY counts, more than anything else. It does not matter who applied first, how many other applications might be 'in the wings', or how wonderful all your role-play friends from past games have said you are. Quality of this application, submitted in regards to this game, will determine whether or not we award the character.

We welcome you, as you come and look about our game to see if you would like to 'join' us. Rest assured that we are not quite so 'picky' with our other characters as with 'major' characters like Lucius - but we do feel strongly about accepting only high-quality characters, as reflected by the applications.