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<b><big>Part One- Personal</b></big>
<b>Name:</b> Jen Harwood
<b>Character's Name:</b> (who you are applying for) Katie Weasley
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<b>Email:</b> fangirlypile@gmail.com
<b>AIM:</b> fangirlyjen
<b>Other Instant Messenger Programs:</b>
<b>AGE:(Must be 18+)</b> 28
<b>Past Rpg Experience:</b> Most of my past RPGs have long since been closed. I’ve taken a four year hiatus of sorts from RPing because I had kids. Before that, I’ve played Cho Chang, Katie Bell, and Hermione Granger in chat room style RPGs.
<b>Where did you hear about our RPG?</b> I saw an advertisement on Insane Journal.
The following situations may or may not arise over the course of the game. You, as a player, are never <i>required</i> to participate in anything you do not wish, but the situations might arise around you. This is an adult game set in a fantasy world where there are definite bad-guys out there.
Having said that, please tell us you you feel about:
Het, slash and femmeslash: Not a huge fan, but not going to bash it if other people like it.
NC-17 material: When it’s tasteful and not the only thing that is played, I don’t mind it
Violence: Don’t mind it as long as it isn’t just plot fodder.
<b><big>Part Two- Character Info</b></big>
<b>Character Name:</b> Katie Weasley
<b>Age:</b> 24
<b>Birthday:</b> March 3rd
<b>Wand:</b> Alder, Unicorn tail core, and 14 inches and springy
<b>House in School:</b> Gryffindor
<b>Bloodline:</b> (Pureblood,Half-blood, Muggle born), Half-blood
<b>Political View:</b> Katie doesn’t particularly care for politics. If she’s forced to choose a side, she’s rather liberal, wanting people to have the freedom that they deserved. She fought on the side of the Order during the war. Otherwise, after the war, she didn’t care so much for the politics that came with being a Professional player. She tries to avoid it whenever possible.
<b>Height:</b> 5’7”
<b>Weight:</b> 125lbs
<b>Build:</b> Katie is athletic. She has to keep in shape for Quidditch, plus she eats healthy. She likes running in the mornings to wake up.
<b>Eyes:</b> Brown
<b>Hair:</b> Brownish-black
<b>Dress style:</b> Katie is laid back whenever she can be. Being in the public eye, she might have to dress up, but she prefers jeans and a romper over dresses any day of the week. She detests heels and taking all the extra work to glam up.
<b>Discerning Marks:</b> (include basic appearance, discerning marks, style, etc.)
<b>PB:</b>(Played By--this is the actor, actress or model you will be using for your character icon in the game.) Shiri Appleby
<b>Sexuality:</b> (include details about sexual orientation, history, and give valid reasons for your character being gay/bisexual/straight/transgendered) Katie is straight, she likes men, so evidenced by her marriage to one. She has never had the inclination or want to try to be with women.
<b>Introvert/Extrovert</b> Katie is a little bit of both. She likes to be around people, but she also likes to keep to herself. She likes to keep her private life away from her public life but doesn’t always succeed.
<b>Boggart is? Explain. Katie’s boggart is her family dead. With everything from the war and knowing many people that died, she fears that her family will end up that way as well, even with the war over. Her father is a muggle and her mother a pure-blood, making them prime targets for Death Eater hatred.</b>
<b>Patronus--can they produce one? What is it and <i>why</i> does it have that form? Katie’s Patronus is a stallion. It is this form because it is a noble creature that will willingly go into battle of its master against Dementors. <b>
<b>Include strengths, weaknesses, quirks, general outlook on life.</b>
Katie is laid back and fun-loving, but she loves adventure. She loves doing new things. She loves to help other people learn the sport that she loves, thus why she coaches. She likes to let people learn on their own, but she’ll bust their asses to get them to work together on a team. She isn’t an easy coach, but she genuinely cares about her players.
Katie’s biggest weakness is a tiredness of fighting. The war took a lot out of her will to fight other people’s battles. She will if she has to, but it is not something that she enjoys doing. She will help her friends however she can, but she is the last person to grand-stand and platform for a cause that doesn’t involve her. Katie would rather deal with the happy things in life then fight other people’s battles.
Katie is also young and sometimes her impulsive decisions get the better of her. She has to deal with the consequences of her actions and doesn’t always learn not to repeat the same mistakes.
Katie’s general outlook on life is that it is far too short to sweat the small stuff. She does get aggravated with certain injustices (likes death eaters being able to walk free), but she knows that with her new family, that there are more important things to concentrate on.
<b>Parents?</b> Melora and Simon Bell – per older threads
<b>Siblings?</b> Two Brothers - Thomas and Brian – per older threads
<b>Family dynamics--do they get along? Opposite sides of the war? Accept their child's magical talent? Pressure for 'pure blood' marriage?</b> Katie gets along with her family, even more now that she’s settled down to get married. Her mother tries to be supportive of her daughter’s hasty marriage, but worries that they’re in over their heads and her daughter will end up hurt.
Katie is close to her brothers, as they both love Quidditch as much as she does.
<b>Occupation:</b> Quidditch Coach - Gryffindor
<b>Residence:</b> Seashell Cottage – Ottery St. Catchpole
<b>Financial Status:</b> Stable – Even with the new marriage, Katie invested her money from her professional career wisely.
<b>History from student days at Hogwarts to the present time:</b> include any affiliations since Hogwarts, jobs, family life, significant events in the character's recent history, how was this character affected by the war, how does your character feel about the present political climate?
Katie grew up as any normal girl would to one magical parent and one muggle parent. She was very close to her family. Growing up around boys, she was naturally a tomboy and far less feminine then most of her peers. Going into Hogwarts, Katie was selected to be in Gryffindor. She had no idea the road that Gryffindor would take her on. During her second year, she was selected as a Chaser for the Gryffindor Quidditch Team. It was then that she found the love for her sport.
She developed many friendships over her years in Gryffindor and Katie has always been affiliated with those of her house, including joining Dumbledore’s army to defend the school against Death Eaters in her sixth year.
In her seventh year, she was cursed and missed part of her last year as she was locked up in St. Mungo’s until the curse could be lifted. She recovered after the death of Dumbledore, though she mourned his death as all the others did at Hogwarts. She managed to arrange to take her graduation testing late and managed to pass with average scores on her NEWTS. After graduation, she went headlong into the Professional Quidditch field.
Katie played starting position with the Harpies for the last two years as a Chaser. She married Charlie Weasley, and after several injuries, she is retiring from professional play. She has also taken up coaching the Gryffindor Quidditch team after a horrible year with Slytherin. Her recent marriage was very quick and has her rearranging her priorities away from her sport and more to a new family.
How does he/she feel about the more infamous events and people in the world around him/her? Harry Potter and his victory over Voldemort? Dumbledore and his murder by Severus Snape? Lucius Malfoy's pardon and book publication? Snape's pardon and appointment back to his old job at Hogwarts? The Registry? Werewolf Remus Lupin's job at Hogwarts? Bellatrix' capture, insanity defence, followed by her "cure" and release from St. Mungo's? etc.
Katie was relieved when the war ended, mostly because she was tired of fighting. War takes a lot out of people. She was happy when that their world could just get back to normal workings after Voldemort was defeated.
It irks Katie that many of the crimes of the war were overlooked or swept under the rug, but with the political climate of the time, she knows that getting things changed is not her job, nor will it be easy. She doesn’t like Snape and doesn’t get along with him, since he killed her favorite headmaster, orders or no. She tends to try to avoid him since their disastrous partnership as the Coach of Slytherin House.
Katie doesn’t agree with the Registry, but won’t lie and say that it doesn’t give her some measure of feeling safe that certain individuals are not just allowed to roam around unmonitored, like Bellatrix Lestrange, whose return of sanity she highly doubts.
Katie hates what has been done to Remus Lupin and his pack over the years. She knows that Remus is a good man and works well with him as the Coach of Gryffindor and considers him among her friends, even with his lack of good judgment in living partners.
<b>What plots would you like to pursue with this character? What short and long-term goals does the character have for his/her future?</b>
I would like to get Katie down to having one job. She has a family now and can’t just run all around the world as a professional player, plus I think she finds more satisfaction in her coaching position. I would also like to explore the growing pains of her quickie marriage.
<b>Once you start playing the game and get a feel for your fellow players and characters, assuming the interaction is favorable, how long could you anticipate staying with this character and this game? What is your usual pattern of longevity in role-playing games?</b> My usual pattern used to be until the game closed, but after the hiatus, I would like to play the same way. It is nice to just have one long game that you can develop a character in.
<b>What is your usual pattern of availability and play-time for a character and game which you enjoy?</b> I’m usually available in the mornings and late evenings. I have two children, one just recently born, so sometimes I am gone for a little bit, but usually I am available on email.
Now that we've got a sense of your characterization, this is where you get to really showcase your writing style! Give us everything you've got! Remember--this sample must be a 'fresh' sample relevant to our game and the current setting.
<b>Sample Journal Entry:</b>
It’s odd to miss someone so much when you’re away from home. I never thought that it would be like this. It’s really strange to deal with. Things are strange at home. I’ve been talking to my mother and she has assured me that it is normal in a new marriage, but that maybe I should date my husband. How does one date their husband? And we’re just both so busy. I’m exhausted at the end of the day, who has time to date?
My mother is concerned that we really don’t know each other at all. I tried to tell her that I wouldn’t marry someone that I don’t know, but I’m not even sure if that is true. I mean, the sex is fantastic. He makes me think on my feet, but still, it’s brand new and scary. Sometimes I just watch him sleep and wonder what he’s thinking.
Does that make me odd? I don’t know what he’s thinking when he looks at me.
<b>Sample Third Person Writing:</b>
Katie settled herself into an ice bath with a small hiss of annoyance. She was sore and the ice bath helped settle things. She laid her head back against the rim of the tub and stared at the ceiling. Why was she doing this? Why was she killing herself? She didn’t even know. She had talked to Charlie about retiring. She had even talked to the owner about it. It was in the works. She hadn’t told Charlie that yet, but that didn’t matter. She was still working on training camp, helping the team. The team knew that she was leaving and didn’t particularly like it or understand it, but she had to do what was best for her and her family.
She knew that Charlie didn’t like that she wasn’t home, that she wasn’t around. She didn’t like being in a foreign country. She didn’t like bouncing back and forth between spring training and the school and having no time for her. Even now, despite her promises to Charlie, she was sleeping in a foreign country instead of in bed at home with her husband.
It wasn’t working, or was it? She didn’t know. Maybe her promises were unrealistic. They both had two jobs, they both had crazy lives, maybe they would be like those celebrity couples that saw each other when they could, but she didn’t want that. Katie had never wanted to be a celebrity. She had just wanted to play the game she loved. She knew that there was some trade-offs, but this was getting to be too much. She had to figure out her priorities.