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17 March 2008 @ 06:44 pm
Application: Ginny Weasley  
Part One- Personal
Name: Livey
Character's Name: Ginny Weasley

Email: paintedredwindows@gmail.com
AIM: wantyoubleeders
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AGE: 22
Past Rpg Experience: Loads and loads!
Where did you hear about our RPG? I play here and you loooooove me!

The following situations may or may not arise over the course of the game. You, as a player, are never required to participate in anything you do not wish, but the situations might arise around you. This is an adult game set in a fantasy world where there are definite bad-guys out there.

Having said that, please tell us you you feel about:

Het, slash and femmeslash: I haven’t a problem with any form of sexual writing. It can add a richness and depth to both characters and plots. I’m quite guilty of having written all of the above before and quite often with some characters. However, I do have rather high standards for it in that it must be well written and serve a purpose in the movement of the story.

NC-17 material: I am a morbid, twisted, dark soul. It’s true. There’s very little that can be encompassed under this category that I will not write, from sex to violence to drug use, etc. However, my standards for quality are very high, and none of it is likely to be used for a shock factor or without purpose.

Violence: I have a strong stomach. The rest of my answer is quite like the previous two.

Part Two- Character Info
Character Name: Ginerva Molly Weasley
Age: 20
Birthday: 11 August, 1981
Wand: 25.5cm of willow, containing a unicorn tail hair.
House in School: Gryffindor
Bloodline: Pureblood
Political View: Her loyalties lie infallibly with the Order. She’s never been fond of the Ministry, beginning with the observation of her father’s working relationship while growing up, her opinion only souring in their handling of the second war and its aftermath.

Very much pro-werewolf witch, her belief is demonstrated by the protests and rally’s attended and organized by Ginny herself. She believes firmly that werewolves should have rights, and the legislature penned by Umbridge is unfair and should be revoked.

She is also in great support of the idea that there should be more equality between the classes of wizards. They no longer live in a chaste system, after all. There is no difference in treatment between a witch of little money and a wealthy one.

Height: 165cm.
Weight: Generally hovers around 57kg.
Build: Ginny has a rather petite build. Despite her shorter size, she isn’t “tiny”. Her school days of quidditch playing behind her, her body has transformed from thin and muscular to soft with gentle curves.
Eyes: Warm golden brown.
Hair: Fiery red, worn long and past her shoulders.
Dress style: More often than not, while at work, she can be found in the various uniforms most commonly worn at St. Mungos and her own clinic. With the long hours she keeps the only other type of clothing she frequently has use for is pajamas, often nothing more than an over-sized tshirt and well-worn soft cotton or flannel pants. She does, however, enjoy the more casual style of sweaters and jeans on her rare days off, and keeps a small stock of dress robes for special occasions.
Discerning Marks: Ginny has a rather easy going appearance. Growing up with all brothers, she never gathered a truly feminine side. She has a genuinely humble look about her, never truly fussing much over her appearance. Her face, much like her mother’s retains a kind nature to it (when not angered, of course). And like all Weasleys, she’s been gifted a healthy dusting of freckles.
PB: Kate Mara
Sexuality: Ginny is straight. She’s collected a small number of boyfriends over the years, including Michael Corner and Dean Thomas. Harry, however, has always been her true love. Though she won't admit it, it is quite likely she dated the other two because Harry, romantically, wasn't very available.
( On this score, I would greatly like to talk to Chris as I honestly don't see my Ginny "ending it" with Harry so easily. Maybe offer a little more depth to the decision. Or something. ♥ )

Introvert/Extrovert: Extrovert - Ginny has very few problems with expressing her feelings and opinions. She enjoys being around people and is easily plagued by feelings of loneliness when alone for extended periods of time.
Boggart is? Tom Riddle. He embodies, fully, one of the most frightening periods of her life, herself almost sacrificed for his own survival. It also marks one of the first times Voldemort ever truly touched her life - something that would remain disturbingly consistent until just a few years ago.
Patronus is? Ginny, taught under the careful tutelage of Harry, has been able to produce a patronus since her days in Dumbledore’s Army. Hers takes the form of a horse. Its symbolism is often tied to humanitarian natures, as well as often a sign for hot-headedness and stubbornness. Her patronus reflects her more than she would ever admit.

Ginny is a very kind-hearted and caring person. Traits, no doubt, that had been inherited by her mother. Though she lacks the instinct to take in half of Britain and feed them supper, she is very giving to those closest to her. There is little she wouldn’t do for friends and family - including walking to the ends of the Earth and back. Those she holds close to her are her world. She shows them fierce loyalty and no small amount of love. Seeing them happy is something worth bending over backwards for.

She is also very stubborn. Her beliefs are firm and resolute, and she has no problem in standing up for them. It takes a lot to pull Ginny away from a challenge, even harder when it’s for a cause she believes is worth fighting for. She doesn’t alter her opinion easily and when she knows she’s right, she won’t back off.

Ginny also possesses the quick temper so common to many other Weasleys. She doesn’t have patience for people who refuse to help themselves, and has no reservation in putting them in their place. There have been few times in which she has reserved her opinion when she’s seen fit to give it. She has a sharp tongue and does not hesitate using it when her temper is set off, or she feels that someone needs a swift kick in the ass. Both Harry and Ron have been frequent recipients of such a talking-to.

As a strong and determined woman, there are very few things in this world that can stand between her and something she’s decided she wants. She’s not one prone to whistful sighs or idle wishing. She also hates for anybody to see her in a weak moment. As it stands, there are few people she will let see her cry when she lets it happen. Very few. She doesn’t like being viewed as the “baby sister” or someone that needs to be protected. Though altering her brother’s opinions is something else entirely.

Generally, Ginny is a very happy person. She doesn’t suffer the little things. She knows there are worse things in this world. She’s seen them.

Parents? Arthur & Molly Wealsey
Siblings? Bill, Charlie, Percy, Gred, Forge, & Ron.
Family dynamics: Ginny is very loyal, and fiercely protective of her family. She loves them all dearly and is exceptionally close to them.

Though her brothers, at times, can be frustrating beyond words, she has always looked up to them. Of the six of them she is quite close to Ron - the foundation of their relationship begun by their proximity in age and was built upon by her relationships with the other members of the trio and the various trials they had endured. She has begun to develop more of a relationship with the Twins, however, as she’s found residence with them. And as always, they’re the first she goes to when in need of a good prank. She has always held a certain sort of starry-eyed worship of Bill and Charlie, most of her memories of them from her early childhood before they left school. It has faded a little over the years, now that she is older and they’re around far more often. Percy, however, is a different matter entirely. Though she cares for him, she still considers their relationship a little shaky.

Of course, there is no one held closer to her heart than her dear parents. She tries to see them whenever she is able - something she has become far more diligent about recently as she finds great comfort in a cup of tea with her mother.

Occupation: She has quite a few! A part time healer with St. Mungos; Founder of the Werewolf Clinic behind WWW; helper with Semus & Serverus’ viewer business.
Residence: Flat above WWW.
Financial Status: Though she has the makings to be rather well off, she’s not. She retains enough money to support herself on a rather basic level, and diverts small handfuls of her wages to a savings account, most of her money is turned over to the clinic, and quite willingly. She’s never wanted for much.

History from student days at Hogwarts to the present time:
Ginny’s schooling was never quite normal. She did not have the luxury of a quiet year, beginning with her possession by Tom Riddle, to fearing the (rather friendly) mass murderer Sirius Black, to the Tri-Wizard Tournament, and so on. After Dumbledore’s death, the entire wizarding world was faced with an all-too-eminent war. Many students began leaving Hogwarts in preparation for it. Ginny was left with a few options. She was quite adamant that she would not be tucked away, and kept in a position not to be of any use. However, being an underage witch, she wasn’t permitted to be on the battle front either.

Much like the muggle world, there was always a need for healers. Even more so now, during the war, than ever. It was through Poppy that she was given a course of action she felt good taking. She began training almost immediately as a Healer’s-aid. Her service during the war was there, tending to the wounded. It became apparent during that time that there was little room for movement in her current position. By the end of the war, and Voldemort’s defeat, she had already begun to set her continued education in motion, putting herself in available programs to become a full-fledged Healer. During her free time she lent what services she could to Snape to help treat the werewolves that he had taken in.

Her time and full attention was poured into her new career and it’s studies, using it as a way of coping with the state the wizarding community had been left in. Though, in some regards, she also used it as a method of hiding. Society had begun taking some rather horrible shifts following the war and there always seemed to be some sort of pressure to continue her relationship with The Boy Who Lived. What little relationship they have managed to gain has been a rocky one, most recently ending.

It was also during this time that she had addressed her former professor with an idea. A clinic specifically for werewolves. He agreed to help her, and at his side she learned to brew the wolfsbane potion. She began diverting her wages from her work as a healer with St. Mungos into funding the clinic, eventually picking up a little extra work for Seamus and Snape’s viewer-making business venture.

Recently she has also begun taking a more vocal role in the politics of the wizarding world. She has taken up a very pro-werewolf stance since her work with Snape and the opening of her clinic, going to far as to openly protest and arrange rallies in favor of them - something she would do again in an instant should the occasion call.

And then, there’s the kiss. A particularly frustrating accident, she has yet to figure out exactly how it happened. Or why it’s still on her mind.

Game points:
* Harry Potter and his victory over Voldemort? The relief she found in the moment she learned of Volemort’s death had been greater than any other she had experienced in some time. It was over, they were safe again. Or so she had hoped.
* Dumbledore and his murder by Severus Snape? Dumbledore’s death was more than devastating to her. He had been a beacon of hope for so many, a protector and a warrior. The loss was made even worse when she had learned who had been at fault for it. It was a truly dark time for many, including Ginny.
* Lucius Malfoy's pardon and book publication? Complete and utter hogwash! She believes that Lucius should have taken up a permanent residence in Azkaban, and has no business using his experience as a publicity stunt.
* Snape's pardon and appointment back to his old job at Hogwarts? She was quite happy to know that the professor, who had been of so much help to them during the war, was finally recognized to some extent.
* The Registry? It is a terrible method of control by the ministry, and yet another blundered response to the war-- one that needs to be remedied immediately.
* Werewolf Remus Lupin's job at Hogwarts? She couldn’t have been happier or more proud the day he was allowed his station back at Hogwarts.
* Bellatrix' capture, insanity defense, followed by her "cure" and release from St. Mungo's? She was quite relieved when Bellatrix was captured, hoping that it would be a turning point in the war. It turned into surprise and only soured her opinion of the ministry that much more when she was moved to St Mungos. She did her best to avoid that ward whenever humanly possible. Disgust promptly followed her release, and the feeling of continued danger.

What plots would you like to pursue with this character? What short and long-term goals does the character have for his/her future?
Obviously I’d like to see her continue her current work as a healer, and continue to culture and help her werewolf clinic grow. Long term goals include aiding in the disillusion of the registry, pushing hard for werewolf rights, or at least removing Umbridge’s anti-werewolf legislation. She would also greatly like to see a cure for lycanthropy or at least more efficient potions.

Relationship-wise I’m always open to pursuing Ginny and Harry as an item. I’m also highly intrigued to develop Ginny and Draco’s relationship, as I’d imagine there would be nothing but drama and angst. They’re both so delicious.

Once you start playing the game and get a feel for your fellow players and characters, assuming the interaction is favorable, how long could you anticipate staying with this character and this game? What is your usual pattern of longevity in role-playing games?
I absolutely adore this game and its players. You’re stuck with me forever. Sorry. ♥

What is your usual pattern of availability and play-time for a character and game which you enjoy?
Barring anymore quick disappearances to deal with family drama, I’m available almost daily in the afternoons and evenings.

Now that we've got a sense of your characterization, this is where you get to really showcase your writing style! Give us everything you've got! Remember--this sample must be a 'fresh' sample relevant to our game and the current setting.

Sample Journal Entry:
[Private Musings]
I’ve been plagued by this terribly lonely feeling for the past couple of weeks. It seems horribly absurd as I always seem to find myself surrounded by people. The other day it occurred to me the reasoning behind it. Most of those whom I’ve surrounded myself with are patients, or those I have a relationship with in a professional capacity. Not to mention family.

More than anything, I think, I long for the contact of a friend. It seems as though it has been ages and a day since I’ve spent any quality time outside the clinic or St. Mungos. At least, spent quality time with my friends.

Hopefully in the near future I’ll find time to remedy that soon enough. I need to start making more time for me. It’s hard to tear myself away-- the clinic is growing so beautifully. I hope it’s offering just as much hope as I’d set out to offer.

Sample Third Person Writing:
The spring seemed to be good for really only one thing - fog. In the early mornings it seemed to coat Hogsmeade completely. The looming towers of Hogwarts were barely visible from the small flat Ginny had called home for the past few years. Normally, when people spoke of sunrises, they always mentioned the amazing colors of the dawn. They’d never been to the United Kingdom. Even though the sun had begun to break through the dreary grey, still the most vibrant color was the brilliant red of Ginny’s hair.

She hadn’t bothered turning the lights on in the kitchen. Instead she had navigated through the apartment by the growing light of dawn. It was doubtful that something as inconsequential as lights in the kitchen would wake the twins just across the hall (as they hadn’t woken up as she shuffled around, preparing herself a small breakfast). Still, she didn’t bother. She didn’t need it.

A small cup of tea balanced on her knee as she sat curled up by one of the windows, nearest the fireplace. The past couple of weeks had been ones filled with restless nights. The approaching full moon weighed heavy in her mind as she worked to prepare the clinic for the inevitable surge of patients before and after. It was the hardest time of the month for her, though she wouldn’t ever dare complain. It was much worse for her patients, after all. Her mind on occasion drifted to Harry, and how much she missed his company. Inevitably they drifted to the kiss she and Draco had shared in her office. It annoyed her, both that it had happened, and that she still found herself thinking about it.

She’d all but given up trying to sleep.
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If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at fiery_inception@yahoo.com.
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