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05 March 2008 @ 03:53 pm
Bellatrix Lestrange  
Part One- Personal
Name: Laura
Character's Name: Bellatrix Lestrange

Email: painfulybored@yahoo.com

AIM: zombiebunni

AGE: 22

Past Rpg Experience: I've done several round-robin style rpgs, and two others in an LJ community style. I've been rpging since around 2000.

Where did you hear about our RPG? Harry Potter RPG Want Ads LJ Community

Het, slash and femmeslash: Works for me. I've written all three for various fanfiction rings.
NC-17 material:
Again, no worries there.
Where's the fun without a little violence now and again? It's difficult to envision a Bellatrix who squeamish with violence.

Part Two- Character Info

Character Name: Bellatrix Lestrange

Age: 50

Birthday: April 4, 1951

Wand: Walnut, 12 3/4 inches, dragon heartstring

House in School: Slytherin

Bloodline: The purest, of Black by descent and Lestrange by marriage.

Political View: Pure blood supremacy sums Bellatrix's views up nicely. With the upcoming elections, she is willing to throw her full support behind her brother-in-law. Naturally, she expects this support to procure a measure of gratitude, and influence. Whatever beliefs she may publicly profess, the sole motivating factor behind every word or action is to claim power for herself or those she feels loyal to her cause. Within the security of this inner circle she craves power, praise, and status, but would prefer to be invisible, and untouchable, by the lower ranks of society.


Height: 125 lbs

Weight: 5'9

Build: She's slender, with a cinched waist to exaggerate her natural curves, which have begun to reemerge since her liberation from the abysmal gruel inflicted upon her during captivity.

Eyes: Heavy lids shadow her dark, steel blue eyes.

Long, wild, voluminous silken curls cascade down her back. The results of years of neglect repaired by her sister upon her release from St. Mungo's. When out in public her hair is almost always swept atop her head.

Dress style:
Whatever it is, it absolutely must be clean. Images of her body covered in the filth of her prison cell can move her to heaving up her last meal. The only substance she tolerates to soil her or her clothing is blood. She has a penchant for decadent, Victorian styles dark, rich colors. Without a corset she feels exposed, and a high neckline makes her feel suffocated.

Discerning Marks:
Few marks of consequence to ever touched her skin. Most cherished was her Dark Mark, the loss of which truly fragmented her mind. Upon her marriage, she and Rodolphus exchanged rings that branded a simple band around the fingers upon which they were placed, ensuring that no matter what happened the symbol of their love could never be stripped from them. Although never one to shy away from a fight, any wound that threatened to mar her dusky skin was quickly treated. The immaculate condition of her skin is a remnant for the aristocratic esteem of a life of luxury.

The years in Azkaban diminished the beauty of her youth. Malnutrition ate away at her lithe form and hourglass figure. Inattention frayed her wild hair. Her transfer to St. Mungo's improved her weight. Since her release, a superior diet and frequent activity have contributed to the filling out of her curves. Although her physical health reclaims much of her lost beauty, the changes of two stays in Azkaban are clear. In her youth, her beauty was striking. Now, her features seem sharper, her eyes smolder and flicker with mad intensity, and her once feline grace suddenly seems more serpentine.

PB: Helena Bonham Cater

Sexuality: In practice, she is bisexual. Raised as a defacto son by her father, Bellatrix was predisposed toward an inclination to sexually objectify women. However, for any long-term consideration, she only genuinely considers men. She has a refined and discerning taste with regard to partners, requiring of them at least equality in social standing, a pure bloodline, and an air of strength and power – along with the substance and quality to legitimize appealing levels of narcissism. Additionally, she is rarely fully satisfied with any sexual congress unless there is some element of pain in either participant. Though she is quick to hurt her partners, only those she regards in particularly high esteem turn violence against her own body.


Introvert/Extrovert: Aggressive and socially dominant, Bellatrix thrives on being in the spotlight. However, when she begins to loose control she sequesters herself off from as much of the world as she can.

Boggart is? Herself, with a dopey, foolish smile plastered across her face; pregnant, and useless. This is a manifestation of her fear of becoming her mother, of being relegated to a life perpetual irrelevance, wherein she is weak, useless, and too ignorant to realize it. Some believe the Boggart would take the form of a furious Dark Lord. As much as she hates to fail her Lord, she knows that his anger, punishments, and torture are indicators of how much he expects from her, how much he values her, and how much he cares for her – in his own way. He only hurts her because he cares for her. And he hurts her so much.

Patronus: As dementors were obedient to the biddings of the ministry, and the Patronus Charm was taught in school, Bellatrix certainly learned how to conjure it. Hers takes the form of a hawk, an aggressive bird of prey, capable of killing animals much larger than itself.


A sadistic and self-indulgent creature, Bellatrix is most focused on satisfying her wants and desires. She is an ardent hedonist, and her humor runs snide, sarcastic, and condescending. Violently loyal and protective of those she considers among her inner circle, all others are simply dismissed. She desires to be revered by those she deems worthwhile, and feared by all others.

Bellatrix's inner monologue is guided by three distinct voices.Her own is fickle and impulsive, thirsting for pleasures and violence as a young child pleads for a toy. However, the more intense her desire, the more patient and conniving she becomes. An exceptionally intelligent and cunning witch, she can most often get what she wants so long as she can quiet her desires for instant gratification. To that end the voice of her husband often emerges. Always the planner, Rodolphus often implores her to wait, to watch, to scheme. In her less lucid moments, when overcome by rage, the voice can serve to calm her. Sometimes, the voice of her Lord works in concert with this aim. She believes this voice is her connection to her Lord, like his sentient presence in her mind as he had been for so many years. She perceives what she believes to be his reactions to her experiences, and is sometimes so consumed by the violence of his mood swings that her lucid episodes vanish. While she recedes into insanity, she occasionally speaks from the perspective of her late husband, and in rare moments of fanatic insanity, her Lord. Whenever she professes to know his will, she ardently believes that he has chosen to stay connected to her mind beyond death, to rally his followers and further his cause. As more time goes by, the more deified he becomes in her own mind.

Among those she considers somewhat safe, namely fellow Death Eaters, her observation of social niceties is more likely to vanish completely. In this setting her mood swings are more violent and her madness holds more sway. Her most lucid periods are generally brought about by necessity. Part of this ability comes from her childhood. Bellatrix has always experienced insatiable sadistic cravings directed toward anyone and anything she considered beneath her. House elves were her favorite childhood victims, and she quickly learned to construct circumstances that enabled her to let loose. While she never made any attempt to be the well-liked darling, she always knew to stay within certain limits in public, lest it jeopardize her opportunities to fulfill her desires.

Strengths: Despite her mood swings and volatile nature, she remains a fiercely cunning and manipulative woman. Her years as a Death Eater served her well, indoctrinating a level of discipline with regard to sensitive information. (To compensate for that pressure, however, she lashes out in more trivial ways.) She contains an exceptional level of magical prowess, shown time and again by her ability to duel multiple adversaries at a time. Her ability to inflict pain is one of her most prized skills, and one she respects in others. Chief of all characteristics she values in others is loyalty and is one she passionately exhibits toward her cause.

Weaknesses: Apart from her mental instability, some innate personality traits have always been around. She has a pervasive sense of entitlement. Although typical in the well-to-do, it is compounded by her belief that those beneath her are attempting to usurp what is hers (and other pure bloods') by right. Her pride is something easily offended, and to dismiss the qualities she values in herself, her service record for the Dark Lord, or to even insinuate that her first stay in Azkaban was anything less than the most honorable course of action for a Death Eater elicits her fuming wrath. On the flip-side, stroking her ego and feeding her vanity are ways to enter her confidence and entice her company. Her anger is vicious, and once she feels slighted, she is likely the harbor the grudge for decades.

Quirks: The stark contrast between Azkaban and the clean, sterile hospital cemented in Bellatrix an obsession with cleanliness, especially with regard to her fingernails. She cannot abide her clothing or hands to be dirty, and bathes several times a day. Due to the varying points of view that resonate through her mind she occasionally darts back and forth between agreeing and fighting with them, making her speech erratic and contradictory. On top of this, she has developed a sick fondness for apologizing to the surviving families of her victims. Although such apologize appear heartfelt and contrite, the true joy she derives from such interactions come from knowing she's simply stirring the pot on their pain. As the situation allows, she adds to the thrill by physically touching the people who must loathe her so much and are unable to exact revenge.

Outlook: Bellatrix's outlook is defined by her pure blood fascism. She strongly believes in the determinism that perpetuates wizarding class stratification. Because she believes this is the natural order, she knows that it is only a matter of time before the world rights itself.... even if it needs a little help along the way.


Parents? Cygnus & Druella Black (nee Rosier)
Narcissa Malfoy & Andromeda Tonks

Family dynamics--do they get along? Opposite sides of the war? Accept their child's magical talent? Pressure for 'pure blood' marriage?

When Cygnus Black realized his firstborn was a girl he was nearly devastated. For the first few years of her life Bellatrix lived in the shadow of his disappointment. As soon as she was able she directed her resentment toward her mother, blaming her for not bearing her father the son he wanted. This contention spurred Bellatrix on to any avenue of earning her father's approval. Finally, Bellatrix began to display profound magical aptitude. Curiosity drove her to her father's study, where she first began to read his books on the Dark Arts. After a few weeks of private, late-night reading sessions she was discovered, earning a smile and hearty laugh from her father. From that moment on he took his daughter under his tutelage. Convinced that after three tries he was unlikely to have a male heir, Cygnus simply applied the majority of his parenting to Bellatrix, raising her to be the son he did not have.

As Belltrix grew older, she attempted to simply ignore her mother. If forced to interact, she behaved with a cold, sometimes demeaning, indifference that mirrored her father's. Convinced her mother would simply ruin her younger sister s Bellatrix attempted to intercede and provide a proper upbringing. She learned the rules of society from her father, while her mother's instance on a woman's proper place was blatantly ignored. Of course it was expected that she marry a wealthy, powerful pure blood wizard. As much as her mother attempted to meddle, her father granted her permission to sort the matter out for herself. When Rodolphus Lestrange began pursuing her hand in marriage, Cygnus found himself quite amenable to the match. After receiving her Lord's permission she revealed her Dark Mark to her father, who was so overcome with pride that he very nearly shed a tear. So moved by her achievements, he altered his will, giving to Bellatrix the privileges and rights of a male heir. Her parents died before the birth of her nephew, Draco. She mourned her father with the quite dignity he would have expected from her. Her mother's passing merited only the raising of her eyebrows and a small, dark smirk that only her husband really seemed to appreciate.

Eldest of the Black sisters, Bellatrix took special protective care of her youngest sister, Narcissa. On a daily basis, the two were fierce but subtle competitors, but the moment an external adversary loomed, all rivalry vanished as Bellatrix's nearly maternal protectiveness blossomed with a vengeance. During their years shared at Hogwarts, Narcissa's popularity and beauty were partially responsible for Bellatrix's desire to cultivate an intimidating and fearsome reputation. When her sister married Lucius, Bellatrix was less than thrilled – it seemed impossible than anyone could deserve her little sister. She stilled her tongue, only because Narcissa seemed so enamored with the then-young Malfoy. As much as she is inclined to indulge and dote on her younger sister, when she feels that Narcissa is being foolish, disobedient, or behaving out of place, Bellatrix is quick to mete out lectures, biting comments, and in dire situations, a solid slap across the face. Narcissa is one of the few things in her life that Bellatrix did not forcefully bestow at the feet of her Lord. Bellatrix still believes Narcissa to be her delicate, younger sister, in need of protection and provision. Lucius' inability to protect her from the consequences of their Death Eater involvements, and worst of all, getting himself locked up when darling Cissy needed him most has inspired a grudge Bellatrix is unlikely to ever release.

There are rumors of a third Black sister, which Bellatrix finds so offensively ludicrous she refuses to acknowledge them, or even discuss the possibility. If there were another Black sister, she would be fulfilling her duty in the Dark Lord's loyal service – and a Black sister who would side with mudbloods and traitors? Surely such a creature cannot exist.

In their youth, she and her cousin Sirius shared a charged connection, often partners in mischief of which their siblings wanted no part. Their sparring, constant competition, and battles of wit veiled underlying affectionate tensions. The summer before Sirius' first year at Hogwarts was the last time they relished the other's company, when they began to realize their fondness of each other would be misunderstood outside of the inter-breeding aristocracy. But then Sirius was sorted in Gryffindor, of all houses, and then had the audacity to fall in with that muggle-loving Potter, of all people. Their relationship strained as Sirius began to withdraw from the family's pureblood fanaticism, a rift Bellatrix blamed on Potter and Lupin's influence. It was with her cousin Bellatrix learned to rile and goad opponents through any means necessary, and developed a fondness for exploiting their baser desires. When Sirius ran away, he severed all ties with Bellatrix. And thus, with the loss of her first love to mudbloods and blood traitors, her hate was exacerbated to maniacal and violent loathing.

Death Eater
Lestrange Manor
Financial Status:
Execeptionally wealthy, due to inheritances claimed from both families Black and Lestrange.

History from student days at Hogwarts to the present time:

After falling out with Sirius her redoubled pure blood fervor perked the curiosity of amicable rival, Rodolphus Lestrange. Having no desire to simply be another notch in his frequently carved bedpost, Bellatrix rebuffed his sexual overtures. Pride wounded, he pursued her more and more aggressively until her parents' winter ball during her fifth year. A final confrontation in the secluded gardens of her home prompted Bellatrix to slap Rodolphus, and for the first time, someone struck her back. He took her by force and though she fought him for every inch, she never once cried out to summon those easily within earshot. His thirst for violence gave her permission to unleash the pure carnal drive she had fought so hard to contain. This arrangement of power would extend for entirety of their relations; he provided venues for her to unleash the violent, bloodthirsty beast within her.

On the first anniversary of that evening, he presented her to Lord Voldemort. The Dark Lord expanded her opportunity to indulge her blood lust and hatred of those who were tearing apart her family. Her devotion and proficiency earned her Lord's favor and special attention. An ardent disciple, she thrived on His approval and praise in a fashion similar to how she responded to her father, only more intensely. The evening she received her Dark Mark, Rodolphus proposed. They were married the summer after she completed school in a lavish ceremony in a nostalgic, secluded area of her family's gardens.

For years she served her Lord devoutly, fanatically. She viewed herself as His best, most prized instrument. More than that, she believed the shared a sacred bond. She hardly expected her worshipful love to be returned in kind. How could such a being love a mortal, even one as great as herself? His affection, the gentle stroking of her hair, the lingering fingertips upon her cheek, such gestures were as much expressions of his love as his bone-shattering punishments. Her fervor and devotion enabled her rise in rank, and her husband rose with her. They delighted in one another's accomplishments, each feeling validated by the others' prowess. On more than one occasion were unable to restrain the lust a fresh kill aroused in them, finding satisfaction on the blood-soaked floors of their victim's homes.

She fulfilled the role of wife to a member of the elite with bemused poise. She was no trophy wife, but her husband's ever-present accomplice. Although she rarely circulated beyond her close network of powerful Death Eater friends, the house of Lestrange was an icon of decadent indulgence when open to visitors. Life was nearly perfect. The Dark Lord's power and influence was growing by leaps and bound. She bore for her husband a passionate, savage love. Her only sister, Narcissa, seemed content enough in her marriage, even if Bellatrix found Lucius tiresome. And then, on that unspeakable night, the Dark Lord vanished. Incapable of believing he was defeated, she doggedly pursued every rumor of his presence with her husband, his brother, and their frequent cohort, Barty Crouch Jr. The Longbottom Aurors bore the brunt of their desperation and frustration.

Locked away in Azkaban for their crimes, Bellatrix remained faithful in her belief in the Dark Lord's return. Her isolation toyed with the string upon which her sanity dangled. Slowly, his voice began to seep into her head, promising return to greatness and glory. When finally liberated by the Dark Lord, she and Rodolphus were reunited and venerated among the faithful. Eager to return to the forefront of the fray, they set out with Lucius to the Department of Mysteries. There Bellatrix found herself facing her cousin Sirius for the first time since he left the family, since he left her – for those foul, disgusting mudbloods. Her grudge was borne to fruition, and she made good on her promises to see him dead. And then that pathetic Potter boy, trying to curse her. It was laughable. But when victory seemed within their grasp, Dumbledore arrived. Even though the Dark Lord personally saw her to safety, she was not spared the agony of his wrath and disappointment. She could not tolerate for him to be disappointed in her. With Cygnus dead, the Dark Lord was her father in every way she knew. Despite her failure, the Dark Lord did not completely shun her. He would bounce between seemingly lecherous affection and berating her for her incompetence.

When news of Draco's involvement in the coming plots reached Bellatrix's ears she swelled with familial pride. His mother fretted madly, but Bellatrix had decided that Narcissa was too delicate and gentle to raise the kind of man Draco ought to be. Snape's involvement, however, left her bristled with irritation. She resented that someone of such inferior birth should find himself in the Dark Lord's favor. His interference could only serve to complicate matters for Draco. When Snape claimed the esteem of killing Dumbledore, Bellatrix felt herself and her family robbed of the honor. Rodolphus reigned in her eagerness for revenge, and the two began to plot against Snape. Before any significant action could be taken, however, Bellatrix found herself captive once more – at the hands of that insufferable Longbottom boy, no less.

Much to her surprise, she was soon transferred from Azkaban to St. Mungo's. She waited for rescue, attempted escape at every opportunity, and vainly sought any any kind of news from the outside world. And then, the only hope sustaining her vanished as the Dark Mark burnt itself off her arm. For over a month, she did nothing but scream and cry in an incoherent, delirious rage. When at last her rational side regained sway, it was only on the promise of revenge and return to glory that the exchange was brokered. When her sister arrived to inform her of Rodolphus' death, her fragmented mind absorbed this information as though she was listening to a weather report. Finally, she was released from St. Mungo's, after being pronounced cured of her insanity. The steps to her freedom, limited thought it was, could not have been taken without her brother-in-law's assistance, a fact Bellatrix begrudgingly accepted. Only once she was certain an outburst would not jeopardize her liberty, she devolved into madness and despair once more, resulting in a few explosive altercations with Neville Longbottom in Diagon Alley.

In her isolation, perforated by her sister (and much to her surprise, Rabastan) a delicate truce in her mind was formed again. Whispers teased at her ears. The voice of her Lord spoke of the early days before his rise to power, his understanding for the need for secrecy. The stakes were too high, too much was at risk for bold and blatant displays. Now was the time for cunning and clever sssssschemes. The voice of her husband promised a day when her hands would be coated in the filthy blood of those who tried to take from her what was rightfully hers, theirs. She would have justice, for them.

How does he/she feel about the more infamous events and people in the world around him/her?

Harry Potter and his victory over Voldemort?
It's something Bellatrix can barely bring herself to contemplate. Its mere mention threatens her hold on sanity. When her Dark Mark seeped out of her skin, it was as though all hope and meaning left the world. The utter absence of a body to mourn is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it prompted her to constantly question his death. On the other hand, surely someone so far above mere mortals would hardly be expected to leave something as mundane as a corpse. No, no. There will be at least one bloodied corpse to hold. She would see the Potter boy dead if she had to do it with her bare hands. A small glimmer of fear underscores this, however, one she refuses to acknowledge. Deep, deep down, Bellatrix is a tiny bit afraid that Harry Potter might be able to kill her. It's not that she fears death, she simply cannot tolerate to be beaten, or to fail her Lord's most ardent hope.

Lucius Malfoy's pardon and book publication?
Initially, she despised his traitorous back-pedaling. After her release, however, she saw the world for what it was – a fallen place, far from the paradise she'd envisioned when her Azkaban cell was first cracked open. The only way to achieve power now was manipulation of the plebeian mob to barter for true freedom and control. While she can publicly mask her revulsion at recanting, in private she cannot contain the bile it stirred up within her.

Snape's pardon and appointment back to his old job at Hogwarts?
Snape cannot be trusted, but at least with a steady job she needn't worry about where he's skulking around. And yet, the remnant of her Lord within her firmly believes in Snape's devotion, which prompts a steady stream of bickering in her head.

The Registry?
Hypocrites! They scream and whine for justice, but their breed of justice is no different than ours! Certainly there out to be some method of control for the lesser wizards of the world, but to be targeting those who should have power is just the world turned on its head. And to be lumped in with the despicable likes of werewolves in nothing short of blasphemy. The Dark Mark, which she bore with pride and honor was license to commit the atrocities for which she longed. But this, this loathsome contraption constantly vexes her. The idea of a registry has significant potential in her mind. Imagine – all witches and wizards registered and sorted by blood purity and magical prowess, it would vindicate the pure blood aristocracy. Useless and petty in the hands of the current administration, it could be an invaluable tool in the right hands.

Werewolf Remus Lupin's job at Hogwarts?
The antics of such peons hardly perks her interest. In principle, she objected to any but the purest born to be responsible for the instruction of the young. But since they've let mudbloods and mutts roam the halls, it hardly comes as any surprise that the mongrel would allowed in as well. This is not to say that Bellatrix does not sincerely enjoy the werewolf population. She's rather fond of their bestial habits, but as teachers? Certainly not.

Bellatrix' capture, insanity defence, followed by her "cure" and release from St. Mungo's? Etc.
Quite pleased in general, of course. Whenever publicly declaring the errors of her ways, she only comes across as sincere because the real transgressions she is lamenting are her statements recanting her Lord. She believes that the lie she must live for the time being to be her sickness, but views it as chiefly necessary to ensure she has enough liberty to pursue her aims.

What plots would you like to pursue with this character? What short and long-term goals does the character have for his/her future?

The Dark Lord lives! At least, so she believes. He lives on, through his true followers, and as time goes by Bellatrix hears his voice more frequently in her mind. For this reason the Death Eaters must be reconvened, the ranks fleshed out again. Now is the time for subtle action.

Fenrir must be found. He was simply so useful before. Without the proper hand to guide him, he is simply a liability. While this may necessitate interacting with Remus, it is a personal sacrifice she's prepared to make.

Support shall have to go to Lucius in his mid for Minister. Even if it means professing those insufferable lies about repentance and regret. A related aim, she must rid herself of this foul tracking device.

Death must come to a select list, but she's willing to wait however long it takes to get Potter, his Weasley friend, that Granger girl, and the Longbottom boy. Snape's death would please her immensely, but the ambivalent opinions in her head make it unlikely she will be able to kill him herself.

Suffice to say, the mudbloods and traitors must be punished, and the proper order restored to the wizarding world.

Once you start playing the game and get a feel for your fellow players and characters, assuming the interaction is favourable, how long could you anticipate staying with this character and this game? What is your usual pattern of longevity in role-playing games?

My contention with most RPGs is that people drop off the face of the map with no warning, and before you know it there's only a couple die-hard writers left. I've been lurking, reading, and pouring back over the past couple years with this group, and I feel confident that they players are in it for the long haul. In a good run, I've stayed in for 3-4 years. The truth of the matter is that as long as people are interested and playing, I'll play, too.

What is your usual pattern of availabilty and play-time for a character and game which you enjoy?

I'm generally online several hours a day, often between 6pm and 2 am EST. I check in very, frequently. It's almost... compulsive. ^_^

Sample Journal Entry:

March 1

It seems to me that I've missed nothing exceptional in avoiding that Ministry party. Simpering orphans and low-brow brawls. And honestly, to celebrate THAT day, of all days – no. It doesn't even bear contemplating. In the name of everything we ever swore to uphold, how, Lucius, HOW CAN YOU JUST- AS IF NONE OF IT EVEN- no, no. Shhhh. Focus on something less repulsive.... Remus. Ick. Hardly any better. And Snape. Gods I can barely suppress my desire to gag. As if I needed anymore proof of his traitorous ways, to be taking up with that mutt – my Lord, can you not see? See how he deserts us? How genuinely he recants! Why? Why hold him so dear? that filthy, common, DISLOYAL- no, no. Mustn't strike out, not against His insufferable pet. Not yet. And poor Draco, cooped up with that terrible influence for so long. The boy is clearly in need of our attention. Must be brought back gently. Poor Draco. It's hardly his fault he was so ill-prepared. We will make him into the man he COULD be. We can forgive him, yesssss. Send an owl to Draco soon, he is missed by his Auntie. And parading around with so many women? At least he's showing a bit of potential for amusement.

At least it seems as though between the current Minister and Weasley there should be no serious competition for Lucius. Hopefully it wont puff up his pretty blond head too much. Don't think about the book. Don't think about the book. Don't think about the book. FUCKING WORTHLESS-don't think about the book. I really must get out of the house today. What book? And who are you to talk... Cured? Bah! How can you even bring yourself to look in a mirror? You must know my Lord, you must, that I remain faithful! I am your MOST FAITHFUL, above all others I ALONE -

Shhhh. I know, Bella, I know. Now is the time for quiet plans, for sssecret loyalties. We will bide our time. We will wait. And we will rissse again.

Sample Third Person Writing:

The moon was hidden from view, leaving only starlight to illuminate the hooded figure gliding through rows of headstones. The expansive black cloak seeped along like a shadow as Bellatrix moved with slow, determined steps toward to Lestrange family crypt. Heavy iron doors soundlessly parted before her. As her bare feet touched the marble floor, torches sprang to light. She moved through the corridor that housed life-sized busts of the Lestrange ancestors, tucked in illuminated alcoves. Before her loomed the mahogany doors that guarded her memorial to Rodolphus. She mechanically pressed her thumb against one of her seemingly too-sharp canines until the skin broke. It was that drop of blood against the door that disarmed the complex array of enchantment protecting the room, and prompted the doors to recede. It was possible the Rabastan was also able to enter this room, but she hadn't mentioned its existence to him.

The room itself was an elegant compilation of silks of deep Slytherin green and royal purple, pure white marble, and silver hardware. She stifled a low, weeping moan when her gaze reached the bust of her late husband. It was flanked by two sarcophagi, the one on the right had been intended to house his body in death. But such natural rites had been denied her. Pale fingertips brushed across the stone lips. She pressed her lips against his with such force that a smattering of her own blood remained when she pulled away.

Had not even Dumbledore been permitted a burial? she thought bitterly. Savages, the lot of them.

Despite her best efforts, she could not hinder her left hand from briefly clawing at the tracking device on her right wrist as she passed Rodolphus' visage. Tapping the top of his sarcophagus with her wand, the lid slowly opened. All in side was his finest Death Eater robe and his mask.

The moment her shaking hand touched the cool mask she let out a furious wail. Snatching it up, she threw it against her face, instantly soothed by its smooth, cool pressure upon her skin. Body wracked with heavy breaths, she moved to where she could only hope her body would one day lie.

Bella. She jumped as she glanced around. Bella, how strong and beautiful you are. Calm yourself, tears never suited you.

With a freshly steadied hand she opened her own sarcophagus, revealing a similar mask and robe. Brushing her own robe aside she uncovered her most prized possession. Delicately, she unwrapped the deep green leather that contained one of the Dark Lord's robes. She knew of no others left intact – not that she went around asking. It seemed to have a pulse of its own. Kneeling, she reverently brought the hem to her lips. As she stood she deeply inhaled the rich, heavy fabric.

“Soon, my Lord,” she vowed. “And when I have their blood I will wet the hem of your robes with it. What they stole from us- they'll pay so dearly for their theft!”

Her movements were fluid, but her eyes were glazed and unfocused as she slipped into the container. There she lay, one hand on her husband's mask, the other tightly gripping her Lord's robes. Her mind drifted back, back to the day her Mark vanished. Somewhere out there, people were celebrating, just as they did that dreadful night when He fell in the filthy Potter house.

They thought they were rid of usss, even then. Those fools. Our rise to power is inevitable, my dear.

Bellatrix's back arched in pleasure as his voice filled her head. Visions of the Longbottom boy's shredded body bled into images of Draco proudly donning his Death Eater mask. A sharp, hissing laugh emerged from her lips, escalating into a maniacal cackle. There she lay, in her tomb, laughing and shrieking until the sun broke through the night.

(OOC Note: While fleshing out a Bellatrix for this game, I may have gone a little overboard on length – but I figured more detail is preferred to less detail. I tried to go back and incorporate some of the past Bellas' contributions in order to keep a bit of continuity. Based on what you were looking for (a ringleader, someone to drive Death Eater activity forward) I've opted to internalize a bit more of her insanity. I tried to go back and build answers to the questions of how and why she got to where she did. If some element isn't compatible, just let me know. Thanks so much – I really hope to be a part of what seems like a very well-run game!)

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Welcome! After reviewing your application for Bellatrix Lestrange, the administration team for fiery_inception has approved this character. We look forward to playing with you.

Here are your administrative duties to get done in order to be able to play.

Please create the character journal for your character and tell us what the lj-username is for that journal as soon as possible. Set your journal settings in your user-info so that only 'friends' can post in your personal journal. Please leave the entries themselves 'public' for viewing/reading, as there are often people who enjoy reading rpgs, even if they do not play in them.

We highly recommend that you use a disclaimer in your user info along the lines of:

DISCLAIMERS: This is a character journal for the Fiery Inception RPG, a role playing game based on the world of Harry Potter, created by JK Rowling. The character of ((CHARACTER NAME)) belongs to JKR -- we are just taking them out to play. No copyright infringement is intended. No money is being made. This is for personal entertainment purposes only. All original characters are the property of their owners and creators. ((PLAYED BY)) belongs to himself.

This is a work of fiction written by an adult about an adult character. There may occasionally be content posted to this journal which is inappropriate for younger readers/viewers. Any such material shall be clearly labeled with a rating of R or NC-17 and most will contain appropriate warnings as to the nature of potentially offensive material. It is the reader's responsibility to abide by these warnings and to refrain from viewing such material as may be deemed inappropriate for their age in the country of their origin.

Opinions expressed within are the character's opinions, NOT my own, and I should no more be held responsible for those statements than actors in movies should be held accountable for the characters they portray.

For more information or to join the game please check out fiery_inception.</ Please post your application, minus the role play samples, in your "user info" for new people coming into the game to be able to read. There is an optional template here for you to use if you wish, that makes it look very neat and tidy: http://community.livejournal.com/inception_ooc/1851.html Then, with that journal, join and friend each of the following communities: <lj user="fiery_inception"> The Main Game

fi_synopsis The Synopsis Community--you are welcome, but not required, to add comments for your own character to any of the existing entries there to describe what your character was doing during the week in question.

inception_ooc The out of character community-- once you have posting privilages here, please free to make an introductory post here to announce yourself to your fellow players!

fi_plotting A purely friends-only plotting community for the game - membership here is recommended, but it is also suggested you not read the threads not directly pertaining to your character, so has not to be 'spoiled' for what is coming ahead!

fi_fluff_n_smut Joining this is utterly optional, but membership must be approved before you can post here.

Read and reply to these two entries to ensure you have read and understood the game rules and basic role playing etiquette:

Reply here with your personal contact information:

Reply here with your character's present career, if applicable:

Finally, go to this entry: http://community.livejournal.com/inception_ooc/1064.html and 'friend' all the journals there so your fellow players can interact with you.

Any questions or concerns, contact us at fiery_inception@yahoo.com.

Once again, WELCOME!