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11 February 2008 @ 08:31 pm
Part One- Personal
Name: Dawn
Character's Name: Ginny Weasley

Email: shao_pai_long@hotmail.com
AIM: tiny draggie
Other Instant Messenger Programs: msn: shao_pai_long@hotmail.com
AGE:(Must be 18+) 22… I think?
Past Rpg Experience: I have role played for years. Seriously. I started on MSN groups with Dragon Riders of Pern, then I went to Neopets, from Neopets I went to forums, and from forums I discovered Live Journal. With Live Journal I discovered Greatest Journal and the HP RPG fandom. I play in Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts, anime: Gundam Wing, Naruto, Avatar, Winx Club etc. I currently have no games going at the moment. Just fun one on one games with my best rpings pals. I have been a Mod of my own games and now what is needed to make them work.
Where did you hear about our RPG? Lisa and Kimberly pimped me up

The following situations may or may not arise over the course of the game. You, as a player, are never required to participate in anything you do not wish, but the situations might arise around you. This is an adult game set in a fantasy world where there are definite bad-guys out there.

Having said that, please tell us how you feel about:

Het, slash and femmeslash: Approve!
NC-17 material: Double approve!
Violence: Encourage!

Part Two- Character Info
Character Name: Ginevra Molly Weasley
Age: 20 turning 21 in August
Birthday: August 11, 1981
Wand: Willow, two dragon heart strings, 11”
House in School: Gryffindor. Go Lions!
Bloodline: (Pureblood,Half-blood, Muggle born) Pureblood
Political View: Believed in Harry, Dumbledore, and the Order and what they stood for. Also believes that Werewolves are equals to Wizards and shouldn’t be treated like scum and criminals unless they did something wrong like Fenrir.

Height: 5’2”
Weight: 113 lbs
Build: tiny. Gin is short and slim and she thinks she is gaining weight in all the wrong places
Eyes: brown. Big brown doe eyes.
Hair: red. About mid back and it tends to curl naturally on it’s own
Dress style: tom boyish. She does wear the occasional dress/skirt/girl clothes when wants to feel pretty but Ginny finds it much more comfortable doing research and working in jeans, t-shirt, and robes.
Discerning Marks: Ginny is covered from head to toe in freckles. Has the lovely red Weasley hair along with the Weasley temper but that isn’t appearance. Growing up with 6 brothers Ginny doesn’t mind getting dirty or staying dirty when the occasion calls for it. She takes great care of her hair though. Ginny thinks it is her best feature and really the only thing she cares about when it comes to appearance.
PB:(Played By--this is the actor, actress or model you will be using for your character icon in the game.) Cintia Dicker
Sexuality: (include details about sexual orientation, history, and give valid reasons for your character being gay/bisexual/straight/transgendered) Straight. She dated Michael, Dean, and Harry all in school. She has been on and off with Harry out side of school but hasn’t done anything major. Ginny keeps pretty busy with her research/clinic and jobs and has little times to look at the boys.

Introvert/Extrovert Extrovert
Boggart is? Explain. PLEASE NOTE: A Boggart assumes the shape of a *creature* or physical object. This is not the same as a Dementor Effect - it cannot be something vague like 'loneliness' or 'sadness' or 'darkness'. It must have shape and form. 16 year old Tom Riddle. He will always haunt her nightmares no matter how dead he is.
Patronus--can they produce one? What is it and why does it have that form? Again, please note, as per canon - a Patronus is a *creature* of some kind. We have been very flexibe as to allow fictional creatures to be Patronuses, but it cannot be an inanimate object. A Beater's Bat cannot be a Patronus. She can produce one because of her work with the DA in her 4th year. A tiger is her patronus. Tigers mean power and that is what Ginny has. She is a tiny women but she packs a punch both with words and magic. She is fierce and will stand up for what she believes in.

Include strengths, weaknesses, quirks, general outlook on life. Ginny is an optimist and thinks anything is possible when you are reckless enough to do it. She is a strong willed witch with the Weasley temper and huge stubborn streak. She is loyal, trusting, and caring, willing to do anything for her friends and family even if it puts her at risk. She believes in the rights of other and thinks everyone is equal from someone who is pureblood to someone who is a werewolf. Though she has a great head on her shoulders Ginny tends to let her emotions and heart get the best of her in situations when she should be thinking with her head. Ginny loves to make everything right. It is why she likes healing so much. Not only is she talented at it but it makes her feel good when she helps out someone. Ginny rubs her temples when she is frustrated with something and she will play with her chair when thinking real hard. She tends to have ink on her face when researching as she is so into her work that she forgets about her fingers having ink on them. (so bloody hard to describe Ginny. She is Ginny and that is all. *nods)

Parents? Molly and Arthur Weasley
Siblings? Bill, Charlie (+ Katie), Percy, George, Fred, Ron
Family dynamics--do they get along? Opposite sides of the war? Accept their child's magical talent? Pressure for 'pure blood' marriage? Ginny loves her family and even though her protective brothers drive her insane sometimes she wouldn’t change them for the world. She is grateful for her wonderful parents who taught her all the right lessons in life and gives her freedom to live her life the way she wants to. Ron is her favorite brother as she is most close to him which she puts down to their age. She embraced Charlie and Katie’s relationship and marriage finding it romantic how they found each other and weren’t afraid to show the world how much they love each other. Ginny has become close to the twins over the years she has lived with them and their wicked and wild ways have somewhat rubbed off on her. Ginny works hard at her research wanting to cure Bill of his scars even though he will always be the same loveable Bill with or without the scars.

Occupation: A part time worker at St. Mungo’s, runs the secret Werewolf clinic under the Twin’s shop, and helps Seamus and Snape with their veiwer-making business
Residence: The flat above the WWW shop in Hogsmeade.
Financial Status: She is ok for money. Most of her money goes into her research and the clinic. She does keep some for herself for rent, food, and other things she might need. Ginny isn’t rich but she is not poor either.

History from student days at Hogwarts to the present time: include any affiliations since Hogwarts, jobs, family life, significant events in the character's recent history, how was this character affected by the war, how does your character feel about the present political climate?

Ginny’s school years were pretty normal. Well except for her first which still give her nightmares and wakes her up gasping for air and calling for Harry to save her. Her second year was normal and she found boys in her third. Ginny grew into herself and become popular during those years. She started quidditch in her 4th when Harry was banned and became a regular team member in her 5th. Ginny continued to go to school in her 6th even though the war had broken out. Ginny quickly found herself assisting Poppy when ever someone came in hurt and Ginny sound found out what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. She finished school with the rest of year in 1999 and quickly went to St. Mungo’s for training to become a healer. After training Ginny took a full time job at St. Mungo’s and quickly found her at Werewolf camps helping to heal the injured in them. That is where she met Severus after he was released from Azkaban. The formed an awkward team helping out the werewolves and Ginny found her self looking up to Snape and how much he knew about Werewolves. During that time Ginny came to realized Werewolves would rather go unhealed and suffer instead of being treated badly by the workers at St. Mungo’s. Wanting to help them and correct other’s treatment to the Werewolves Ginny open up a secret clinic under her brother’s shop with the help from Severus. During this time as Ginny became close to Remus and his pack and she now thinks them as her extended family. She also became close to Remus and Severus and thinks them as father figures. Ginny is now working part time at St. Mungo’s while the rest of her time is usual spent at the clinic researching and healing.

How does he/she feel about the more infamous events and people in the world around him/her? Harry Potter and his victory over Voldemort? Dumbledore and his murder by Severus Snape? Lucius Malfoy's pardon and book publication? Snape's pardon and appointment back to his old job at Hogwarts? The Registry? Werewolf Remus Lupin's job at Hogwarts? Bellatrix' capture, insanity defense, followed by her "cure" and release from St. Mungo's? etc.

Ginny was excited and happy when Harry killed Voldemort. Of course she was worried about Harry’s well being but she knew now that Voldemort was dead the Wizarding world would become a better place for everyone. Ginny felt hurt, shocked, betrayed, and angry when she learned that Snape killed Dumbledore. Ginny always thought Snape had a little good in him. After all he was part of the Order. Ginny doesn’t like Lucius but she did read his book. The youngest Weasley is very unsure of the older Malfoy and would rather just stay away from him and talking about him. Ginny was confused when she learned what had been planned but she didn’t like Snape having still having felt betrayed by him even if it was planned. She didn’t learn to like him or respect him until they came in contact and started to work with each other. Ginny would feel a lot better if the Registry was only for Death Eaters. She thinks it is pointless to collar and track Werewolves. They are not bad people. Ginny was happy and excited that Remus was allowed back at Hogwarts. He had been her favorite teacher when she was there. Ginny thinks that who ever let Bellatrix live is an idiot. Bellatrix should be rotting away in Azkaban for what she did to Neville’s parents, Sirius, and the wizarding world.

What plots would you like to pursue with this character? What short and long-term goals does the character have for his/her future? Ginny’s clinic could be found out by the world. That could have a lot of fun drama come from that. Ginny needs to find a man and depending on who it is that could cause a lot of family drama. Ginny could find the cure for lycanthropy! Another good plot. Really I am easy going and quite insane. Random plots usually pop up in my head when chatting.

Once you start playing the game and get a feel for your fellow players and characters, assuming the interaction is favorable, how long could you anticipate staying with this character and this game? What is your usual pattern of longevity in role-playing games? FI would be my new boyfriend? Really I love to role play and as long as it stays fun I am in it till the end. I have been playing for years and I plan on playing for years to come.

What is your usual pattern of availability and play-time for a character and game which you enjoy? I work in the morning so I will be home at night. I do not have a life so I will probably be on every night of the week. I kid you naught. I have no life. I will go without sleep to role play if I got a good thread going.

Now that we've got a sense of your characterization, this is where you get to really showcase your writing style! Give us everything you've got! Remember--this sample must be a 'fresh' sample relevant to our game and the current setting.

Sample Journal Entry:
Draco Malfoy and I are not a couple, we are not seeing each other, we do not like each other, and we aren’t even friends. So ladies stop sending the hate mail please. You can have him, I personally think you are all bloody mad for wanting him, but everyone has their poison.

[Private to Severus]
Do you have an extra copy of that research paper that you sent me a few days ago? I made the mistake of trying to read it and it was attacked by birds and howlers. It is now covered in owl droppings, feathers, and slightly burnt from the howlers.

Do you think that anyone will notice Skeeter gone?

How is the pack? Send my love.

Sample Third Person Writing:

Instead of staying in her nice quite clinic Ginny was sitting at the cash desk at George and Fred’s shop going over her latest research. She had received a fresh new copy of the research paper from Snape that the owls had destroyed earlier. The reason Ginny was in the shop and not in her clinic was because she liked the noise. It reminded her of Hogwarts and home plus the twins could send off sparks at the incoming owls giving Ginny time to hide the paper she was reading.

Ginny heard a pair of sparks go off and a squawk from the owl and instantly the paper was hidden from sight. Ginny let out a sigh as she watched the owl land on the smooth wooden service and snapped at her to take the letter.

“Yes, hold on to your feathers. You take off my fingers and you will be dinner,” Ginny growled out as she took the letter and with another snap the owl was gone. Ginny gave the letter a wayward look. She could smell something nasty coming from it and she didn’t want to open it. “Fred! George! This one is for you!”
fi_adminfi_admin on February 12th, 2008 03:01 am (UTC)
Thank you for applying to fiery_inception. The administration team will review your application and respond to you within five days. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at fiery_inception@yahoo.com.
fi_adminfi_admin on February 12th, 2008 04:35 pm (UTC)
Welcome! After reviewing your application for (insert character name), the administration team for fiery_inception has approved this character. We look forward to playing with you.

Here are your administrative duties to get done in order to be able to play.

Please create the character journal for your character and tell us what the lj-username is for that journal as soon as possible. Set your journal settings in your user-info so that only 'friends' can post in your personal journal. Please leave the entries themselves 'public' for viewing/reading, as there are often people who enjoy reading rpgs, even if they do not play in them.

We highly recommend that you use a disclaimer in your user info along the lines of:

DISCLAIMERS: This is a character journal for the Fiery Inception RPG, a role playing game based on the world of Harry Potter, created by JK Rowling. The character of ((CHARACTER NAME)) belongs to JKR -- we are just taking them out to play. No copyright infringement is intended. No money is being made. This is for personal entertainment purposes only. All original characters are the property of their owners and creators. ((PLAYED BY)) belongs to himself.

This is a work of fiction written by an adult about an adult character. There may occasionally be content posted to this journal which is inappropriate for younger readers/viewers. Any such material shall be clearly labeled with a rating of R or NC-17 and most will contain appropriate warnings as to the nature of potentially offensive material. It is the reader's responsibility to abide by these warnings and to refrain from viewing such material as may be deemed inappropriate for their age in the country of their origin.

Opinions expressed within are the character's opinions, NOT my own, and I should no more be held responsible for those statements than actors in movies should be held accountable for the characters they portray.

For more information or to join the game please check out fiery_inception.</ Please post your application, minus the role play samples, in your "user info" for new people coming into the game to be able to read. There is an optional template here for you to use if you wish, that makes it look very neat and tidy: http://community.livejournal.com/inception_ooc/1851.html Then, with that journal, join and friend each of the following communities: <lj user="fiery_inception"> The Main Game

fi_synopsis The Synopsis Community--you are welcome, but not required, to add comments for your own character to any of the existing entries there to describe what your character was doing during the week in question.

inception_ooc The out of character community-- once you have posting privilages here, please free to make an introductory post here to announce yourself to your fellow players!

fi_plotting A purely friends-only plotting community for the game - membership here is recommended, but it is also suggested you not read the threads not directly pertaining to your character, so has not to be 'spoiled' for what is coming ahead!

fi_fluff_n_smut Joining this is utterly optional, but membership must be approved before you can post here.

Read and reply to these two entries to ensure you have read and understood the game rules and basic role playing etiquette:

Reply here with your personal contact information:

Reply here with your character's present career, if applicable:

Finally, go to this entry: http://community.livejournal.com/inception_ooc/1064.html and 'friend' all the journals there so your fellow players can interact with you.

Any questions or concerns, contact us at fiery_inception@yahoo.com.

Once again, WELCOME!