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11 February 2008 @ 06:18 am

Part One- Personal

Name: Alpha

Character's Name: Narcissa Malfoy


Part One- Personal

Name: Alpha

Character's Name: Narcissa Malfoy


Email: bustierde@ yahoo.com

AIM: alphabusterde

Other Instant Messenger Programs:


Past Rpg Experience: currently Ron Weasley (FI game), Narcissa Black, Frank Longbottom and Amelia Bones (Dark_Compulsion), Ron Weasley, Pansy Parkinson (Time_of_Trial on IJ);

Where did you hear about our RPG? Current member of game


Het, slash and femmeslash:  I am not opposed to a wide range of plot variations. I am not a huge fan of men/men but the story lines that come from these inceptions are intriguing.  Narcissa is a heterosexual female and very much devoted to the men in her life.  She is judgmental, and not exactly comfortable with homosexual men.


NC-17 material:  I think most stories tend to be more interesting with a bit of graphic sex. The sex adds an aspect to the cannon characters that is exciting!  Narcissa will not hesitate to engage in sex in her story lines.


Violence:  Violence is a necessary evil and should be included when needed. Narcissa has been party to a number of violent incidents and will not hesitate to engage when necessary.


Part Two- Character Info

Character Name: Narcissa Malfoy

Age: 46

Birthday: September 1, 1961

Wand: 10” Hazelwood, Unicorn hair core.

House in School: Slytherin

Bloodline: Pure-blood, of the Black Family.


Political View:

Narcissa is interested in politics only in as how it impacts her family.  The political arena is key to societal standings, and she does not want to see her family’s worth slip or fade at all.  Because of this, and in order to function properly, she has been forced to keep abreast of the constant inadequacies that seem to plague its organizational structure.  She is under the opinion that a woman such as herself could fix many of the inconsistence that occur; but she wouldn’t dream of sharing her opinion with anyone or run for office herself. Now, Lucius being in charge……that is a plan she would support because then she could be of some real help to him.



Height: 5'5"

Weight: 110 pounds

Build: Narcissa has porcelain skin, a slight turn to her nose and long straight blond hair. 
She is a smaller woman, and stands 5’5”, has a “c” bra size, and has a curvy figure.
She is not muscular but is deceptively strong.  She is very physically fit, and has the body
she had when she was in school, due to strict diet and exercise and “other” assistance when

Eyes: Cold Blue,

Hair: Light blond


Dress style:

Narcissa is a pureblood witch who has a posh sense of style.  She has a wide variety of ensembles that flatter her figure, and accent her elegance and class.  She enjoys wearing jewelry, and prefers her hair down, although a nice up style is also acceptable.  Her clothes are magic tailored, her nails are always perfectly kept, and she secretly wears her toe nails painted to match her outfits.  She adores the accoutrements of being female. She always looks natural while perfectly made up; she was excellent at potions and has created a number of her own beauty products that she uses to maintain the glow of her skin.  She turns heads still, and looks at least 10 years younger than her actual age.


Discerning Marks:   Other then her graceful looks, and her blonde hair, she has not marks or flaws in any way.





Narcissa is a heterosexual woman, who is not interested in other woman as anything other than social competition.  She was always fascinated by Lucius Malfoy, and he became her only choice for marriage; with him, she could move into the greater society, which pleased her immensely.   Her fascination with him was wildly romantic when she was young, and he fulfilled all of her wishes by indulging her with romantic tokens of affection, notes and the like.  This helped to cement their relationship, and base it on mutual affection.  She loved him the day they were married, and she loves him still.  He tests her patience at times, but she is completely loyal to him as he is loyal to her.  Although other dalliances may occur for her with other men, and he with other women, they are both strong defenders of each other and tend to ignore these seldom affairs. 




Narcissa is an introvert.  She is a great observer but internalizes her emotions.  She will make mental lists, and silently debate the pros and cons of situations; while externally, she barely shows emotion. She is actually quite fond of specific people in her family, although it is not publicly or rarely expressed.  She is confident in her decisions; she spends much time deliberating them and only acts when she feels sure of the outcome.  Her silence and ability to control her tongue has labeled her vain and cold, which she has come to accept, being aware that there are those who do not endeavor to know her true nature.  She understands the rules of higher society and wouldn’t dream of making rash statements that might leave her open for public criticism.  She cares very much for those who are important to her, and for activities that may directly impact her or her family’s lives.   She is introverted in that she has few close acquaintance, and very few 'friends'.


Boggart is? Her boggart is Draco being tortured and killed as a young boy. She is a devoted mother and is still plagued by an imaginary image of Voldemort torturing and killing her son.


Patronus—Her patronus has always been an ermine; it expresses the aggressive and emotional side of her nature that she rarely displays.



Include strengths, weaknesses, quirks, general outlook on life.


Narcissa’s strengths include her intelligence, reliability, loyalty, and her ability to be analytical.  
Her weaknesses include her perfectionist disposition.  She is spoiled, nosey, arrogant, and

Narcissa is not one to shirk work.  Being a perfectionist can take many hours of planning and implementing her careful plans.  Running a leading pure-blood family is a complicated job of society games that involves hosting, participating and sponsoring a number of events through out the year.  Even with the assistance of house-elves, these events take work; her practice makes it look effortless.  Her only vice at the moment is an occasional indulgence in drink and smoke.  She could never be called lazy; she always has many obligations to her charitable institutions and the pureblood society organizations to fulfill.   Her family and their needs take priority over all of it.


Narcissa was sorted into the Slytherin house because as all Slytherins, she is proud and abmitious.  She has some skill at debate, although she is not the best; she has good insight due to her observation skills. She is excellent at what she is: the consummate hostess.  At any social event, she knows how to draw out people, inter mingle those who need to associate with each other and alleviate any potential crisis that may arise.  She enjoys the political world because of its interplay with the societal standings and values.  She enjoys the chance to manipulate and influence others. When faced with a situation that she does not see as a direct influence upon her own life, she will politely withdrawal from the conversation so as not to draw undo attention to herself.  She is very familiar with most of Death eaters, having known them as students or entertained them socially at the Manor.   


Narcissa does not form many close relationships; the majority of her acquaintances are not to be trusted enough to be drawn into her inner circle. She does, however, have very strong bonds to family –her own family first, and then her sisters.  She loves both of her sisters dearly, although she rarely publicly displays this affection.  Andromedia, whom she feels is mad from her prolonged exposure and acceptance of Muggle things, is still in her thoughts, although never openly discussed.  Bella, whose public renounce of everything (regretting her anti-Muggle actions) is also dear to her, although completely baffling.  She also speaks occasionally to her brother-in law, Rabastan Lestrange. 


It is her relationship to Lucius Malfoy that is central to her life; never a day passes where she is not pleased that they chose each other to hold this place in society.  Through him, she gained ever desire she wanted; to rule the pureblood society and become one of the most influential families in the wizarding world.  Her devotion to him is without question; and their daily interaction is a base for her routine.  She is in love with him after all of these years.   Sharing her life with him from day to day, they know each other well and their personalities provide a balance that minimizes conflict. 


Her love for her son is also a dominating force in her life.  Being a young mother during the first war, Narcissa raised Draco with great affection and devotion.  She indulged him, and delighted in how tiny a person could have such confidence and self-expression.  She is selfless when it comes to her husband or her son; she would go to desperate lengths to protect either of them.  She would do anything for her family; her strong feelings that are so rarely viewed by others.  .


Her main goal at the present is to bring the Malfoy name back to political power and influence.



Blood Status: Pureblood
Parents: Cyngus Black (1929-1979) father and Druella Rosier(1939-1979) mother 
Siblings: Bellatrix Black-Lestrange (1951) ,Andromeda Black-Tonks (1953), 
cousin Sirius Black (1960-1996), Regulus Black (1961-1979

Narcissa is married to Lucius Malfoy, and has one son with him, Draco Malfoy.

Narcissa is the last of the three Black girls, to be born to pureblood parents.  She is
the only of the three sisters to be born fair skinned, with blond hair and blue eyes,
which made her the oddity in the Black family of all dark-haired dark-eyed relatives. 
Being the youngest and the most unusual in appearance, she was the darling of the family. 
She was doted on and spoiled by her family, but was also controlled and directed by
all of her older siblings and relatives.  She was not unduly coddled as a young adult,
and clear minded enough to make decisions about her own future.  As the youngest,
she had a driving ambition to compete with her two older sisters for the approval of
her parents, who laid great plans and expectations on the marriages they would make. 
Her family was thrilled at the marriage arrangements made with the Malfoy family,
and were very supportive. They did not live long enough to see the birth of their
grandchild, Draco, which made her feel like she had failed them in a small way,
although she would never, ever reveal this disappointment. 


As a pure-blood wife, she thinks she is absolutely successful. She knows it was skill and planning that led to her snaring the best pure-blood male catch available in the wizarding community; she outdid her sisters’ in that respect.  She thinks her relationship with Lucius is perfect. She defers to Lucius' decisions as he is the man; but she expects respect from him in return.  She is the ultimate trophy wife, but she is much more than that; she is not a meek, powerless woman. She supports her husband's plans and she is a key component to helping create pathways to influence others in social and political spheres. When they do disagree, these arguments are plagued with short bouts of anger and then silence on her part. She has been unfaithful, but she could never explain why these dalliances occurred; they were not planned and so uncharacteristic of her nature that she dismisses them as moments of temporary insanity on her part.


She is a devoted wife and mother, which are both roles she enjoys as much as being the hostess to societal events. 



Occupation: She has no salaried occupation, but she is always engaged in some aspect of social business. She also manages her house with ease.

Residence: Malfoy Manor, Wiltshire

Financial Status: Extremely well-off, though a little less affluent than before the second war. Narcissa has never lacked luxury.


History from student days at Hogwarts to the present time: include any affiliations since Hogwarts, jobs, family life, significant events in the character's recent history, how was this character affected by the war, how does your character feel about the present political climate?


Narcissa was a popular girl at Hogwarts, but not by outwardly pursuing friendships. She was reserved and cold, which gave her a reputation as being vain; this caused other girls to seek her attention and affection.  She was pursued by boys, who she flatly refused. She was a year younger than Severus Snape, and treated him as a casual friend; he offered and gave support to her to improve her already excellent skills in her Potion’s class.  She caught Lucius Malfoy’s eye while she was still in school, and married him the summer after her 7th year, to begin their life together in the Malfoy Manor.


Narcissa's role in the first war was active; although not a Death Eater herself, she was an avid supporter of her family’s choices.  Her friendship with Severus Snape became stronger as his apparent favor in the Dark Lord’s eye was made clear.  She would be anything she could to support her husband and her sister’s activities for the Dark Lord. During this time, Draco was born. Lucius was gone much of the time, allowing her to lavish attention on her boy.  Near the end of the first war, Lucius’s life was in danger of exposure and imprisonment; she feared for him desperately and used her political ties and skills to help him avoid punishment.  Her efforts ensured his uninterrupted position in society.  The period that followed was blissful; she had the perfect family and devoted herself to her husband and her child.  Lucius continued to serve on the school board, and society events were arranged and held.  Her life was comfortable, and her family was prospering.  The only dark cloud was her limited relationship with her sisters; Bella was imprisoned in Azkaban, and Andromedia was insane with her Muggle influences.


The second war changed everything; the choices that her family had made put them at great peril. With Lucius captured and the Malfoy name discredited, many of Narcissa's worst fears were realizing themselves. She found herself seeking out Severus Snape, relying on their previous relationship, to seek help for her son.  His position of importance with the Dark Lord had made him a more attractive associate and she convinced him to promise to help protect her son with the Unbreakable curse, shared also by her sister Bellatrix.  It was later revealed that her own life was at stake if Draco failed, and she once more found herself at Hogwarts, trying to save not only her family but herself.  She made a Fidelity promise to Dumbledore for the safety of her family, which in time was to no avail, as both Lucius and Draco were in constant danger.  She was forced into accepting an offer of protection and hiding from the Order.  Her mental abilities were tested to the limit at her feelings of isolation and powerlessness as to help her family.  Housed in a meager shack, hidden in on the Scotland moors, Narcissa was kept alone, and pleaded repeatedly for her protectors to unite her with her son and her husband.  When the news was announced of Voldemort’s defeat, her primary thoughts were to be reunited with her family


Once Lucius was released, she suffered at the absence of her son’s presence in the house but found that her social responsibilities occupied most of her time.  Her efforts once again turned to bring the Malfoy name back to political power and influence.  Her debt to Severus Snape could never be repaid; he had vowed to save her son’s life and he had fulfilled his promise.   Her friendship with him has been repeatedly tested and soured; she is jealously of his influence on her son and disapproves of his lifestyle choices and affiliation with werewolves.



How does he/she feel about the more infamous events and people in the world around him/her?

Harry Potter and his victory over Voldemort?

She was much changed by the fear of death at Voldemort’s hand, her separation of her family, and her anger at being forced into hiding;  she thought Voldemort insane after her support to his cause and was so angry that her emotions were revealed countless times while in isolation, which was extremely uncharacteristic of her.  With Voldemort’s demise came political turmoil, which directly affected her duties and responsibilities; her life was more complicated, and that was an inconvenience.  She was relieved that some resolution was found so that she could be united with her family.  She is not fond of the Potter family; she had an intense dislike for Lily Potter when at school together.  The son  is a plague to her own child;  Harry Potter seems to ruin every opportunity granted to Draco and she resents that, for her son’s sake.


Dumbledore and his murder by Severus Snape? She was glad that he took the responsibility and saved Draco.  She was mildly saddened for Dumbledore, who had ensured her safety, but she never shared this with anyone.


Lucius Malfoy's pardon and book publication?  She was proud of her role she played in getting his pardon.  His book publication was also a joint effort, and she, as always, stepped back to allow her husband his due recognition.  She was so proud of the man she loves.


Snape's pardon and appointment back to his old job at Hogwarts?  She was pleased that he avoided any punishment for the act he performed, completely on her behalf for Draco.  She thought him perfectly suited to be at Hogwarts, and she intended to thank him publicly for his help with Draco, by allowing Dracco to stay with him for a time after the war.  Their friendship of late is non-existant; Narcissa is passionately jealous of Snape’s interference with her son.  She is fearful that Snape might have convinced Draco to  change his views on Pure-blood superiority; a belief that must remain steadfast as a member of the Black and Malfoy family.


The Registry?   This registry was a direct result of the stupidity of the Ministry and its misdirection in not allowing for better organization.  This affected her family directly.  She was mortified for her dear husband who must be tracked, collared and tagged.  It was unacceptable for such a wonderful man to suffer this humiliation; she will do what so can to dissolve this beastly practice.  And now her son is also tracked; she intends to work to rectify that as much as she can, so that Draco is unhindered.


Werewolf Remus Lupin's job at Hogwarts? Werewolves have no place near pure-blood children.  She has a deathly fear that her son may be somehow contaminated.  And Snape’s involvement with them has lowered her opinion of him.  She has had a childhood terror of them, which is the basis for her fear.  Before she had Draco, her Boggart was an attacking werewolf, pursuing her.


Bellatrix' capture, insanity defense, followed by her "cure" and release from St. Mungo's?  Thank goodness Bellatrix was freed from that horrible Azkaban.  Narcissa was just relieved that she managed to convince them of something so she could get free.  Her sister is absolutely not crazy, but if that gets her out of St. Mungos, then Narcissa is pleased for her.


What plots would you like to pursue with this character? What short and long-term goals does the character have for his/her future?

I have some ideas for short term goals:  She is going to forgive Severus Snape and become better friends with him.  She is going to become a bit more tolerant of werewolves; she would like to offer the manor for the bonding ceremony.

Long term goals include: continue to build the Malfoy name in society, finding a possible acceptable wife for Draco.


She would like to expand her charitable horizons; it is cannon to have her supporting St. Mungos.  I would like her to become more involved there. She also would like to help her sister Bellatrix in some way without alienating her husband.


These are just some ideas in start; she might be an excellent candidate to get the magic striking disease so she loses her ability for a short spell.


Once you start playing the game and get a feel for your fellow players and characters, assuming the interaction is favourable, how long could you anticipate staying with this character and this game? What is your usual pattern of longevity in role-playing games?


I think my pattern with my Ronald Weasley Character demonstrates a commitment to be an active part in the game.


What is your usual pattern of availabilty and play-time for a character and game which you enjoy?


I am available at strange sporadic times.  Early morning and later afternoon evenings seem to be available, as times on the weekend. I am always interested in setting up times to work actively on threads with other players.


Now that we've got a sense of your characterization, this is where you get to really showcase your writing style! Give us everything you've got! Remember--this sample must be a 'fresh' sample relevant to our game and the current setting.


Sample Journal Entry:


I was going through some things in a spare room on one of the upper floors.  I am constantly surprised by the things I keep finding, tucked way in these boxes.  How they were overlooked during the war and not destroyed baffles me.  But for once, I am actually relieved.


I found so many odd things in the box.  I found a deck of antique Tarot cards that I enjoyed tinkering with; I was never very good at interpreting the meaning from the cards.  I found my old journal from school. As I turn through the pages, a pressed blue rose slide out; it was from the first flowers offered to me by my intended.  I cannot believe how young and naïve I was.  Lucius is mentioned everywhere; was I so obsessed with him, even then?   Here is a page:

It ended rather late last night, and I have to keep myself focused. If I don't, I will NEVER do well on my OWLS, so the best way is be organized...here goes:

Pros of Lucius Malofy  vs the Cons of Lucius Malfoy
handsome - terrible taste in music
powerful - pursued MANY of the girls
Pure-Blood - STILL pursuing other girls?
wealthy - trustworthy?
loyal to his family - no fault there
thinks Muggles are dangerous - How? they are SO weak
may feel deeply for me* - honestly?
wishes to be with me* - going to spend time with me? we'll see.....
wants to give me my hearts desire* - right now, all I want is Muggle music....
thinks I'm incredible* - how does he know?
wants to protect me* - from what? Muggles?
wants to deserve me* - This one is the most puzzling...

The kiss I gave him...made me feel so wild, so daring, so ready to STOP BEING so DAMN INNOCENT.  I think if one more person tells me how innocent and naive I am, I'm going to scream!!  How does one lose innocence?  By DOING things...



I find this passage so amusing!  Even then, I was making lists to help plan out my thinking and my future.  I was so crazy about the music at that time.  I had forgotten that I actually listened to their music.  As I recall, this was written after one of my first dates with him; we had kissed and it had stirred something inside of me.  It pleases me greatly to see that I have not changed so drastically; I think I could answer yes to every one of those questions about the pros of my dear husband. 


Sample Third Person Writing:


Narcissa opened her eyes, and her first thoughts were of Draco. Had she really been so demanding and so insistent in wanting Draco to not participate in Severus’s bonding ceremony?  She lay there, rethinking her words and her actions, and wondered at her open hostility towards the man that Draco wanted to please: Severus Snape. 


She knew exactly why she responded to Draco’s inadvertent exposure of the Bonding ceremony in that way; she was jealous of Severus and his relationship with Draco. 


Had it really been so long ago that she and Severus had been close?  It seemed like another lifetime when they had talked and enjoyed each other’s company.  Narcissa’s heart was heavy; Draco was clearly avoiding her.  He had apologized for his harsh words to her; she felt pained ever time she thought about how she had said nothing.  Her damn pride had kept her from reaching out to her son; Draco still needed to know she was capable of comfort and understanding.  She had been so decisive.  She had said, ‘There was no middle ground.’  Did she truly believe that, especially when it came to her son?  Yes, she wanted him to stay true to the family code of honor; but he was from another generation- one that was adapting and changing in ways that she did not understand.  Andromeda had been mentioned and as she lay there, her eyes filled with tears thinking about her wayward sister who had abandoned them all in a cheap elopement with a Muggle.  She never spoke to her sister; the thought of treating her son like that sent the tears down her face.  She could NEVER treat her son the same way.


She shivered as she thought about the werewolf that Snape loved.  She knew her fear was irrational, unlike her jealousy.  Severus had everything she could never have, beginning with a closer relationship with Lucius. Men could be friends in a way women could never obtain.  She turned on her side to look at her sleeping husband.  His face was smooth, his posture in repose and completely relaxed.  She raised herself to her elbow, wiped the tears from her face, and chewed on her bottom lip, doubting her recent actions. She had caused so much strife between the three men.  Falling back to her pillow, she sighed.


She hated werewolves.  She had this childish fear of them.  It stemmed from a horrible memory: she had never been in danger but her sisters had convinced her that a werewolf was employed at their house and wanted to get her.  Bellatrix and Andromedia had used all types of deceptions to convince their little sister that a servant was, in fact, a werewolf who would come to kill her in her bed.  She had only been four or five at the time, and her sisters had been severely punished for their fictional story.  The experience had changed the way Narcissa viewed her obedience; she tried very hard never to disobey her parents after witnessing her sisters’ torment.  But their story, although a lie, had been so convincing to the impressionable girl.  Narcissa remembered shrinking from the manservant whenever he was about, up until she left for Hogwarts.  She knew she had acted silly, but the residual of that fear was still present, and now tainted her view of Severus Snape because of his affection for the creatures, especially one Remus Lupin. 


She knew Severus deserved better; he had been nothing but helpful to her, even when she uncharacteristically lashed out at him or undermined his efforts.  She owed him everything; the Unbreakable curse had sealed her fate to the man.  She must have had a lapse of momentary sanity to think sending Draco to a dinner would meet that debt.  She knew that she would have to repair the damage she had created; she lay there thinking of what she could do.  She had to start with Draco; it would have to begin with an apology.




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